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Best Interviews on YouTube

Inspiration doesn’t come easy. Even the most established authors, painters, scientists, and musicians agree that inspiration is a massive ingredient in creating a masterpiece. 

But as technology continues to change how we express and share art, finding inspiration has never been easier. 

For instance, a platform like YouTube is full of hundreds if not thousands of meaningful interviews that can lift you off a slump and get you inspired to write, paint, or compose again. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best interviews on YouTube to get you firing on all cylinders again. 

While not all interviews in our list boast millions of views, they’re highly inspirational and contain useful information that’ll help improve your art. 

Ready? Then let’s take a look at top YouTube videos worth your precious time.

Top 11 Best Interviews on Youtube 

1. Best for career growth: Oprah Winfrey Interview

2. Ideal for motivation: JK Rowling Interview

3. Most insightful approach to success: Brad Rushing Interview

4 Best self-help interview: Tony Robbins Interview

5. Best for creative inspiration: Rupi Kaur Interview

6. Recommended for corporate success: Tilman Fertittia Interview

7. Best for artistic direction: Glen Gers Interview

8. Recommended for budding artists: David Salle Interview

9. Best for music inspiration: Dave Grohl Interview

10. Superb for writers: Donna Tartt Interview

11. Best for scientific perspective: Stephen Hawking Interview

1. Oprah Winfrey Interview– Best for Career Growth 

Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction. The renowned presenter, author, philanthropist, and business mogul is a source of inspiration for millions across the world. 

In this one-hour interview, Oprah reveals a lot about her past, more specifically from career, life, and leadership perspectives. 

She discusses her strengths, weaknesses, and how she transformed from a college student to a news anchor and eventually one of the best TV hosts in recent times. 

Throughout the interview, Oprah shares the importance of trusting one’s instinct and how patience plays a massive role in self-realization. 

Oprah’s brilliance shines throughout the entire interview as she advises Stanford students. Some of the tips you can expect to learn from this outstanding interview include: 

  • Listening to the inner voice 
  • Patience in a career 
  • Stepping up 
  • Reigniting your fuel, and
  • Leadership 

So if you’re looking for a light-hearted interview to give you that extra momentum and motivation, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this one. 

2. JK Rowling Interview– Best for Motivation

JK Rowling’s reputation precedes her. The first self-made billionaire author’s grass-to-grace story is known across the world, and listening to her first-hand narration on Oprah might be enough to get your creative juices flowing. 

Rowling’s bubbly yet refined personality stands out throughout the 40-minute interview, where she shares everything about her journey with Oprah. 

It’s also impressive that instead of sharing about her undeniable successes, Rowling also talks about her insecurities and how she dealt with criticism. 

One thing that stands out about the interview is Rowling’s belief. Despite not being a confident child or adult, Rowling believed that her book would be big once it got published. 

You’ll also learn a lot about following your dreams, especially when it comes to things you’re passionate about. 

Despite being rejected by 12 publishers and discouraged by her agent, Rowling kept faith in her Harry Potter books. 

In addition to being interesting, the interview is packed with tons of life lessons from two women billionaires that have shaped the world in their different industries. 

Chances are, your perspective of success will change after viewing this informative interview. 

3.Brad Rushing Interview– Most Insightful Approach to Success 

Brad Rushing’s outstanding interview on Film Courage (YouTube channel) stands out not due to his awesomeness but mostly because of his unique approach to success. 

When asked about what it takes for artists to become successful, Rushing provides useful insights, the first being detaching oneself from the generalized concept of success. 

The well-respected cinematographer advises that what works for one person might not necessarily work for another and that it’s important to pursue dreams relentlessly.

He believes that success is both a matter of luck and orchestration and that it takes a lot of consistency to achieve a sustained level of success. 

You’ll find this interview insightful if you’ve been stuck in a rut or you feel like you’re not making the expected progress. 

Rushing shares several inspirational quotes involving success that are bound to leave you feeling motivated and geared up to take the next step. 

It’s also great that Rushing expresses himself in a highly relatable manner, which makes it easier to pick up some important points. 

Plus, the interview is only 16 minutes long, making it ideal if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.  

4.Tony Robbins Interview– Best Self-Help Interview

Tony Robbins is arguably one of the biggest names in the self-help industry. The renowned author, life coach, and philanthropist sits down with Russel Brand to discuss his approach towards life. 

As expected in interviews hosted by Russel Brand, there’s a lot of cursing throughout the duration of the video.

But if you don’t mind the occasional cursing, rest assured you’ll find the interview highly insightful. 

Interestingly, Tony Robbins shows his softer and more vulnerable side as he admits to having bad days as it’s part of being human. 

One thing that stands out the most about Tony Robbins is his attitude. He talks about emotional and mental muscles, which he argues grow over time. 

Although this is not a complete interview, it still delivers some important pointers that can help you power through a stressful day or week. 

And the fact that the video is only 8 minutes long means you can watch it on your break. 

5. Rupi Kaur Interview– Best for Creative Inspiration

In this 6-minute video, Rupi Kaur talks to Jimmy Fallon about her journey from being a lonely child to a world-renowned poet. 

Besides being entertaining, the interview is also informative as it touches on issues like sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. 

As you watch the video, you’ll learn that Kaur’s journey to becoming a self-published poetic author was anything but easy. 

Like JK Rowling, Kaur’s book (poetry collection) was rejected severally. But instead of giving up, the beautiful author decided to go her own way and self-publish her best seller, The Sun and Her Flowers. 

If you’re a fan of short, engaging YouTube videos, then you’ll definitely enjoy this catchy interview. 

Fallon’s amazing interviewing skills, coupled with Kaur’s sense of humor, set the tone for a highly entertaining (and informative) video. 

6. Tilman Fertittia Interview– Best for Corporate Success

There aren’t too many YouTube interviews that can compare to Tilman Fertittia’s interview with Tom Bilyeu. 

The 33 minutes long interview acts as the perfect online classroom for entrepreneurs looking to learn about proper financial and human resource management. 

You’ll learn about leadership, building relationships, weathering storms, and a lot of other business-relevant information. 

Tom Bilyeu does a fantastic job throughout the interview as he asks the right questions. What I like most about the interview, however, is how practical Fertittia is in his responses. 

The multi-millionaire delivers some important truths about success, which, if used well, can act as the perfect blueprint for your business or service. 

Fertittia’s blunt honesty makes the interview ideal for people of all age groups and industries– not just entrepreneurs. 

I’d recommend taking a pen and paper to note down some important pointers as the business magnate leaves no stones unturned as he shares his success story. 

It’s also amazing that the interview is slightly more than half an hour-long, meaning you can view it during work breaks or whenever the opportunity arises. 

7. Glenn Gers Interview- Best for Artistic Direction

Every creative process needs patience, dedication, and perhaps even more importantly, direction. In this insightful 14-minute interview, Glenn Gers answers 6 essential questions for screenwriting. 

While the interview is mostly about screenwriting, you can also learn a lot about other creative processes. 

It will be a well-spent 14-minutes if you’re serious about your art and want to get a professional’s perspective on how to get started and keep going. 

The video’s also a great resource for finding artistic balance. Gers talks about some of the errors he made before understanding what makes him more productive. 

The renowned screenwriter urges viewers to find their productive processes, insisting that the best way is to find what works for you. 

Writers, whether budding or seasoned, will find this interview useful as it touches base on how to get started on the creative process and overcome the usually unmotivating writer’s block.

8. David Salle– Recommended for Budding Artists  

In this short 4-minute video, David Salle takes us through his art creation process. He shares how he prepares for his projects, which can be insightful for new artists that don’t have any solid ideas on how to get started.  

The visuals definitely add to the interview’s overall value, especially since we get to view Salle’s art forms as the interview progresses. 

Sure, it might not be the most explosive of interviews, but the fact that Salle shares his story and how he’s managed to establish himself as one of the finer contemporary and neo-expressionism artists of our time makes it a great option. 

You’ll enjoy the short video if you’re into different types of art and want a quick insight into how to start creating your own masterpieces. 

9. Dave Grohl Interview– Best for Music Inspiration

This 44-minute Apple Music interview featuring Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl is the perfect remedy for a long day at the office. 

You don’t have to be a musician to find this interview insightful. Grohl’s directness and musical prowess stand out throughout the interview and make it a lot easier to connect to his audiences. 

Although relatively long, you won’t notice time fly as Grohl shares his two cents on how the industry works, his highs and lows. 

Lars Larson’s remarkable interviewing skills also stand out as he sets the tone for the incredible discussion with one of the most popular lead singers of our time. 

While you won’t learn a lot about determination, grit, or staying focused, you’ll definitely enjoy being in the company of two industry greats. 

The two talk about their experiences while Grohl reveals more about his journey as an artist, which should come in handy for any creative.  

The chemistry between Lars and Grohl is undeniable, so buckle up for some amazing 44 minutes of nothing but pure bliss. 

And oh, be warned that these two legends curse a lot, which, in a weird way, adds to the interview’s authenticity. 

10. Donna Tartt Interview– Superb For Writers

If you want to know more about the art of writing books, then this 14-minute Donna Tartt interview will be worth the while. 

The renowned author narrates her journey from being a poet and short stories author to being one of the world’s best novelists. 

You’ll learn a lot about her style and writing techniques, which can come in handy if you’re looking to take up some positive writing habits yourself. 

While I wouldn’t call this the most entertaining interview on the internet, it’s definitely among the most informative, especially for budding writers that want to learn a thing or two about proper authorship. 

So if you’re looking for ways to get your creative juices flowing, I’d recommend sparing 14 minutes of your free time to view this epic Donna Tartt interview. 

 11. Stephen Hawking Interview– Best for Scientific Perspective

If you’re into intellectual humor, then you’ll enjoy this 7-minute interview where Stephen Hawking shows his funny yet intelligent personality. 

Although John Oliver’s interviewing prowess gives the interview a much-needed comic relief, the two talk about serious issues that could have a lasting impact on the universe we know.

Hawking shares his perspective on how artificial intelligence can prove problematic in the future while also talking about the issue of imaginary time. 

The short video’s comic nature will act as a welcome break, especially if you’re into quantum physics and issues regarding space and time.

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