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Double Dutch Me, Hippocrates

A heart surgeon once confessed
In the lab at med school
One boy dared another boy
To take the intestines of a corpse
Freshly laid out upon a slab
And to jump rope with them.
  And he did.

Double Dutch Me, Hippocrates!
Take an oaf
Lead him to my spilled guts
& bid him get hopping.

Let him leap in colonic curiosity
Pump blood to his brain towards full comprehension
Weird imagination is rewarded with wild discoveries
Get funny with my humors, willya
Yearn for me, learn from me, you cheeky buggers
Whether my intellect ever made an impact on this earth or not
Prance ecstatic under my arc of whipped glistenings
Study my body’s spectacular molecular thwoppings

Intestinal fortitude is all
Attitudinal fortissimo
I always say

Mabel, Mabel
Set the table
Don’t forget the
H  O  T    P  E  P  P  E  R  S  !

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