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An Interview with Brontez Purnell

Brontez Purnell is an artist and musician from Oakland, California who is known for his creative, boundary-pushing approach to art and music.

His style has been described as “a unique blend of punk, hip hop, and funk that is both alive and confrontational.” In this exclusive interview,

Brontez opens up about his life, his career, and his creative process. From his early days of performing in punk bands to his current work as a solo artist, Brontez shares his thoughts on how he approaches his art and how he navigates the music industry.

He gives insight into how he has developed his own unique style and how he stays motivated to keep pushing the boundaries of what he can create.

Get ready to be inspired by Brontez Purnell’s journey as an artist.

Early Career In Punk Bands

Brontez got his start in music and art when he was only a child. He grew up playing instruments and singing in bands with his relatives, including a punk band called The Bad Mood.

While The Bad Mood was not a successful band, it was an important stepping stone for Brontez’s career and development as an artist.

Being in The Bad Mood taught him how to run a band, tour, and perform on a stage in front of large crowds. Those skills would prove essential as he moved on to pursue other creative paths.

While being in a band provided Brontez with valuable experience, he knew he eventually wanted to do more creative work that was outside of that realm of touring and performing, but still allowed him to express himself.

He knew at a young age that he wanted his creative work to be provocative and to push boundaries. He has always been attracted to art that is bold, vibrant, and full of energy, and hopes that his work can have a similar effect on others.

He didn’t want his work to be passive—he wanted it to be confrontational.

Navigating The Music Industry

As a child, Brontez was exposed to many different artistic disciplines and had many mentors along the way.

His parents were both artists and definitely encouraged his love for art from a young age.

He also had a great relationship with his teachers growing up, who recognized his talents and pushed him to further explore them.

Having these mentors and role models in his life was critical to developing his artistic voice and finding his place in the world of art.

In addition to having people in his life who encouraged him to pursue his artistic passions, Brontez was also exposed to a wide variety of artistic disciplines and forms of expression.

He was exposed to photography, film, theater, dance, music, poetry, and other types of art.

He loved being able to explore all these forms of artistic expression and see how they overlapped and informed each other.

He believes that being exposed to a wide variety of artistic disciplines while growing up helped him develop a more well-rounded artistic voice.

Developing His Unique Style

As Brontez grew as an artist, he developed a signature style that is both bold and vibrant.

He was drawn to a more expressive and energetic type of art that grabbed people’s attention and held it.

He wanted his work to be confrontational and bold, but also have a very high level of technical skill to it.

He wanted it to be able to stand up to any other type of art and be taken seriously as legitimate art by any art critic.

Brontez believes that developing a unique style is a lifelong process. It’s something that you constantly work towards, but you will never fully “arrive” at the point where you have a perfected, finished style.

You always have to keep growing and evolving as an artist, and your style will change and evolve alongside you.

He doesn’t believe there is any one way to become a successful artist—you just have to figure out your own path.

Staying Motivated And Pushing Boundaries

While working in different artistic disciplines to develop a more well-rounded artistic voice is helpful, there also comes a point where you have to focus on one specific art form.

You have to choose one medium or discipline to focus on and become a master of it. Brontez believes that you have to push yourself to the point where you are constantly trying new things and challenging yourself.

You have to strive for excellence at all times. He believes that you have to put in the hard work and hours to get better at your craft.

You also have to be willing to fail and make mistakes. He believes that falling down and failing are necessary parts of becoming a better artist.

You have to push yourself to the edge and do things that other people won’t do. You have to be willing to do things that others won’t do in order to stand out as an artist.

Challenges Of Being A Solo Artist

Being a solo artist allows you to fully immerse yourself in your craft, but it can also be isolating and challenging.

  • Brontez believes that being a solo artist is like being in a long-term relationship.
  • You have to work with and rely on yourself at all times, and have to be your own best friend and worst critic. While this can be extremely fulfilling, it can also be challenging to be in a creative relationship with yourself for so long.
  • As a solo artist, you have to not only create the music, but also take care of all other aspects of being an artist, such as marketing and public relations.
  • You have to be able to do everything yourself, and that can be both incredibly rewarding, but also challenging at times.

Advice For Aspiring Musicians

  • Brontez believes that cultivating a genuine relationship with your fans is critical for being a successful solo artist.
  • You have to be genuine and authentic.
  • You have to be yourself, and be willing to show people who you truly are.
  • You have to be willing to show your flaws and humanity, as well as your strengths.
  • He also believes that you have to be genuine in your relationships with other artists and people in the industry.
  • You have to be willing to be yourself and willing to make mistakes.
  • You have to be willing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable enough to connect with others. You have to be willing to take risks and be bold enough to share your art with the world.

Reflection On His Journey

Brontez has come a long way since his days as a child performer. He has carefully crafted and honed his artistic voice and has had many successes in his field.

He has toured the world, performed in major music festivals, and recorded music and art that has resonated deeply with his fans.

While he has achieved great things, he is also aware that there is still so much to be done. He is still honing his craft and pushing his artistic boundaries.

He still has a lot he wants to create, and is excited to see what the future holds for him. Hopefully, this interview has inspired you as much as it has inspired Brontez.

Remember, you are the captain of your own ship. You get to decide where your journey takes you and how far it goes.

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