An Interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Conversation with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can be seen in an image, and it is a reminder of an interview that took place in the past.

The discussion revolved around his literary works and his contribution to the world of literature.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is most famously known for his work with the detective character, Sherlock Holmes.

His stories about Holmes were featured in The Strand magazine from 1891 to 1905, and he wrote a novel about him, The Hound of the Baskervilles. However, Holmes was only one element of the author’s writing career.

He composed more than fifty books during his lifetime, which touched on genres like historical romance, science fiction, military history, and spiritualism.

He was a popular pulp-fiction author, who entertained readers with his stories about mummies, dinosaurs, ghosts, and characters such as Brigadier Gerard and Professor Challenger.

On that fateful day of July 7, 1930, he suddenly passed away.

The demise of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an eminent writer, is an all-too-recognizable example of many authors who pass away every year, bringing an end to their literary works.

A lot of questions come to mind, such as whether death means the end of writing and reading, and if these activities are only accessible to the living.

No religion or spiritual belief could answer these conundrums, and the only person who could provide a response is a deceased author, like Sir Arthur.

Through the help of Arthur Pacheco, a psychic and trance medium from Hawaii, we were granted an exclusive interview with the great Sir Arthur. Mr. Pacheco has been conversing with the dead for the past thirty years and is unique among psychics in that he enters a trance and allows spirits to speak through him in their own voices.

He has claimed to be on good terms with Sir Arthur since the early eighties and that he is his primary “spirit guide”.

During a length of six months, Sir Arthur–who sometimes referred to himself as “The Old Mustache”–was interviewed in multiple parts.

His British accent was prominent and he seemed to enjoy hearty laughs at random intervals.

— Eric Spitznagel

The words of Eric Spitznagel indicate that it is necessary to take a step back and reflect on our actions and their consequences.

He emphasizes that it is essential to consider the potential repercussions of what we say and do before we act.


Does one find books in the life after death?

ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: Certainly. Not only can you read in a spirit form, but the opportunities for doing so are even greater than on Earth.

The libraries here, which do exist, are of various types.

When seeking knowledge from the past, one could simply think themselves into the time period in order to acquire an accurate account, as opposed to getting someone else’s interpretation.

BLVR: So the people who are still alive are only allowed to read the doctored history books, and we will only be able to access the real history books after we pass away?

ACD: Regretfully, that is the reality. I am fortunate enough to be able to consult the Akashic Records, which record the true facts of any time in history.

The errors that one witnesses can be astonishing and at times shocking. It can be disheartening to observe how the news of events were deliberately altered to suit someone’s purpose.

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