11 Best Writer Interviews On Youtube 

It’s no secret that some of the world’s best writers have awesome personalities too. 

While you can learn a thing or two about authors by reading their works, it is through interviews that you’ll get to understand their thought processes, motivations, and even techniques. 

If you’re wondering about some of the best writer interviews out there, then you couldn’t be in a better place. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring author interviews on youtube.  

So without wasting any time, let’s get started! 

Top 11 Writer Interviews on Youtube

  1. Stephen King 
  2. Alice Walker
  3. JK Rowling 
  4. Neil Gaiman
  5. Margaret Atwood
  6. Elizabeth Gilbert
  7. Sir Ken Robinson
  8. Rebecca Solnit
  9. Sidney Sheldon
  10. Paul Auster 
  11. Interview Compilation

1.Stephen King Interview 

If you’re big on horror, suspense, supernatural fiction, crime, and science fiction novels, then you’ll love this 34-minute Stephen King interview. 

The renowned author’s calm persona stands out throughout the interview, especially as he shares some of his inspirations, likes, and dislikes about the authorship business. 

It’s unbelievable how you can know so much about one of the world’s most revered authors in just slightly over half an hour. 

Charlie Rose (the interviewer) outdoes himself by asking the right questions– from King’s main inspirations to his books adaptations to films, and how he creates (and kills) his main characters. 

If you’re a budding writer, you’ll probably learn some important tips and tricks from this informative yet flawlessly entertaining interview. 

2. Alice Walker Interview 

Widely viewed as one of the finest African-American authors, Alice Walker leaves no stones unturned in her narrations and realistic storytelling in her poems, short stories, and novels.

In this 82-minute interview, Walker sheds more light on her writing style in front of several starstruck University of California students. 

Dean Nelson (the interviewer), fully aware of the sensitive nature of Walker’s topics, takes a bold yet cautious approach while asking the questions. 

From asking Walker whether she writes with the audience in mind to how she decides which topics to write on, Nelson truly sets the pace for an informative interview that allows the author to express herself (much to the audience’s delight). 

Sure, this isn’t one of those flat-out funny interviews that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. But if you listen in until the end, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to learn more about Walker, her style, and the role her works have played in modern society. 

Walker also shares how she overcomes negative press and energy. And as she boldly asserts in her replies, an artist must remain focused as people will continue to talk whether they do good or bad!

3. JK Rowling Interview

Not too many world-renowned authors have inspiring stories like JK Rowling’s. Against all odds, Rowling managed to sell over 400 million copies of her famed Harry Potter series and secure her place in history as the first billionaire author. 

In this 40-minute interview with Oprah, Rowling shares her journey to success, which is guaranteed to inspire and leave you in awe of how much determination and grit can do. 

It’s also worth noting that Oprah’s interviewing skills add gloss to the entire interview, and you might be forgiven for thinking it’s just two friends catching up over coffee. 

As the interview progresses, you’ll learn a lot more about Rowling, her inspirations, fears, and achievements, which should be enough to power you through your lowest moments as a creative. 

Besides being informative, the interview is also highly entertaining and inspiring. You don’t have to be a writer to learn a thing or two from Rowling’s interview with Oprah, as the lessons apply to different areas of life. 

4. Neil Gaiman Interview

In this short video, Neil Gaiman shares his most valuable insights as a fiction writer. It’s not your typical biography sort of interview but rather one that heads straight to the point. 

Gaiman’s short interview is only 12 seconds shy of 6 minutes, which makes it a great watch for those short daytime breaks. 

In the video, Gaiman talks about his toughest period as a writer, which he claims was when he was getting started. 

The brilliant author also shares his journey to self-awareness and how he became the authentic writer he is now. 

You’ll find this video useful if you’re just getting started as a writer and don’t know how long it will take to get published (if at all). 

Grab a quick coffee and dive into Neil Gaiman’s world in less than 6 minutes. Rest assured, your perspective toward writing will probably never be the same again! 

5. Margaret Atwood Interview

Margaret Atwood shares her key tips and tricks in a hilarious fashion throughout this brief but informative interview. 

If you’re a fan of Atwood’s work, then you’ll agree that she’s one of the wittiest and most intelligent authors out there. 

And as you listen to her intelligent answers throughout the interview, you can’t help but become more inspired and amazed by her creative genius. 

Atwood shares more about her book creation process and how she works out and develops her ideas. She also sheds more light on the importance of creating emotionally draining scenes as they help make the stories more relatable to the reader. 

You’ll enjoy the 17-minute video whether you’re viewing it to learn or just to for entertainment purposes. Atwood’s gentleness and warmth towards her interviewers makes the video feel more like a conversation than an actual interview. 

6. Elizabeth Gilbert Interview

In this entertaining 47-minute interview, renowned author Elizabeth Gilbert sits down with Marie Forleo to discuss her book ‘Big Magic’. 

It’s never a dull affair with Gilbert on set, as the best-selling author always knows how to blend useful advice with light humor. 

And she doesn’t disappoint in this interview as she hands down some useful truths and tips that’ll help any creative (regardless of niche) to overcome a slump and get back to work. 

One of the greatest points of discussion in this interview is the element of fear and how best to handle it. Instead of fighting fear and expending useful energy to manage it, Gilbert advises us to acknowledge its presence but limit its influence. 

Forlorn and Gilbert also touch base on several other topics such as creative influence, authenticity, managing expectations, and how to deal with failure. 

My favorite part of the interview is when Gilbert discusses how she prepared for Oprah’s event when she had to address over 20,000 people. She discusses her fears before her speech, how she prepared backstage and how she overcame self-doubt before delivering that memorable masterpiece. 

Overall, you’ll enjoy this interview if you’ve been doubting your progress in life, if you’re scared about chasing your dreams, or if you just need inspiration to get started on a project you value. 

7. Sir Ken Robinson Interview

If you’re looking for an entertaining interview to get you past lunch break, then this hilarious interview is totally worth watching. 

Sir Ken Robinson’s unique sense of humor stands out throughout the interview as he answers questions about creativity and the school system. 

What I like the most about the interview is its free-flowing nature that promises to leave you thoroughly entertained and, of course, in stitches. 

As if Sir Robinson’s humor isn’t enough to set the interview ablaze, a surprise Amanda Palmer performance takes the interview to a new level. 

And Palmer doesn’t just sing; she also takes part in the interview and lets us in on her experiences as she talks to Sir Robinson. 

This 24-minute interview will make your day if you’re into witty humor and meaningful discussions. 

8. Rebecca Solnit Interview

You’ll probably want to set some time aside for this 40-minute Rebecca Solnit interview on Emma Watson’s YouTube channel. 

In addition to taking a deeper look at Solnit’s works, the two ladies discuss issues relating to power and culture, which sets the perfect tone for tackling sensitive topics like sexual harassment and domestic violence. 

Generally, it’s a great interview if you’re into societal issues, especially those relating to women’s rights. 

It’s impressive how Watson allows Solnit to express herself by asking the right questions. You’d be forgiven for thinking Watson is an experienced interviewer as opposed to a world-renowned actress. 

If you’re big on girl power and female empowerment topics, then this interview might be just what you need to kick start your morning or end your day. 

9. Sidney Sheldon Interview 

In this 37-minute interview, you’ll learn about Sidney Sheldon’s journey as an author. The best-selling author reveals everything from his journey as a novice to when he got his big break. 

Granted, the interview isn’t as hilarious as several others on our list, but it’s arguably one of the most informative, especially in terms of making it as a writer. 

As the interview progresses, Sheldon shares more about the business of writing and his journey as a television writer. 

You’ll also learn more about the challenges Sheldon faced as a writer and his ascend from a novice into one of the most sought-after writers in the world. 

I’d recommend setting some time aside to watch this interview if you’re big on writing or want to get into the industry. 

In addition to learning from Sheldon, you’ll also take away some important tips like patience and perseverance that are vital to succeeding as an author from this highly informative interview. 

If you’re looking for inspiration as a creative, then this interview will allow you to learn from one of the best writers ever! 

10. Paul Auster Interview

Are you a budding writer struggling to get past the first ideas of your book? Do you doubt your ability to complete a work of art? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this 17-minute Paul Auster interview might be just what you need.

In this compelling interview recorded in Auster’s home, the renowned writer defines a successful day for him and provides useful insights on creating powerful pieces that resonate well with readers. 

Auster adds that writing is more than just typing and is instead more about effort and dedication. He argues that as an artist, you’ll need to give your entire soul and being to your work. 

As you’ll learn from Auster’s wise counsel, a successful day shouldn’t be characterized by the amount of work you’ve done but rather by your commitment and immersion in your work. 

So if you keep crossing out ideas the entire day, you’re still a lot better off than when writing several pages for the sake of it. 

I’d recommend sparing 17 minutes of your time to watch this interview, especially if you’re interested in the arts and need some assurance from an experienced author who’s been there. 

11. Interview Compilation

This compilation of best writer interviews by the Louisiana Channel is one of the most insightful videos you’ll come across on YouTube, especially if you’re a budding author looking to hone your skills. 

Jonathan Franzen kicks off the compilation with great advice as he urges young writers to have fun with their work. He insists that having fun with your work of art will allow you to bring out your best. 

Almost all the authors urge budding writers to practice patience and anticipate challenges as the journey is anything but easy. 

For instance, when asked to advise young writers during his interview, Richard Ford states that making it as a writer is not easy and that it requires a great amount of passion to overcome roadblocks that even the greatest writers have had to contend with. 

Although this compilation isn’t a one-writer interview, it provides insightful tidbits from some of the best writers that can help you get started or overcome your slump. 

I would recommend this 11-minute compilation if you want some motivation to get you past the bad days. 


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