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Biopsy in Pink

A visual depicting a person holding an umbrella while standing in the rain is displayed in the image. The individual is wearing a yellow coat and their head is covered with an umbrella. The rain is pouring down onto the ground, providing a gloomy landscape.

I’m placed on a metal surface, my inner life

radiating from the monitor. I’m renowned—all over.

A painting, with its entire canvas covered, had a garish Van Dongen with an excessive amount of blush.

I invite you to extract a bit from the charred entirety and analyze me with a microscope.

I’ll be the one adorned with a hand-sized flower, a hibiscus that gently sways behind my ear.

A cautionary reminder adorned with sparkles and the sound of a foghorn:

abnormal cell collections located at 9 and 4 o’clock.

Ticking away, the moments of my life

Are akin to the slicing of a blade.

My cilia, abounding with fascinating frills and thrills,portend a bizarre, deformed future.

My physician suggested that I choose a form for my mark on the heart, whether it be a scowl or a smile.

Give a beaming expression for the all-seeing eye of the Divine.

The National Endowment for the Arts has contributed to the composition of this poem.

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