Blood and Soil

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I’m willing to lift up my shirt for you to see.

I’m offering myself up.

A single buck! A single buck!

Slice as deeply as desired!

The amazing youngster without a single drop of blood in his body could be yours for just one dollar!

A refund if he has an injury!

I have no connection to a family line, nor a homeland.

My body is composed of bones, muscle, and skin.

But no territory. No kin.

Go ahead and cut wherever it pleases you, ma’am.

The young man ardently wishes that you are timid.

Clients who require minimal effort

The large people are present.

People desiring to uncover the secret.

No sleight of hand is involved.

All by myself, with only a knife,

A camping setup was completed with a tent and a person who was shouting out the attractions.

I maintain an absolute stillness.

They become flushed,

But change color to a pale hue

No output is being generated

When the knife is inserted.

Individuals come across God in their own way.

I carry the feeling within.

In my opinion, the home is a place of comfort.

Discovering the location of the knives.

It is quite rare to find a Jew that does not wander.

As they bring their lights,

Yelling out the phrase “Blood and Soil”, in my opinion.

If I possessed those objects, I would be destitute

In my opinion, you are the one.

That’s to be expected.

It is my opinion that extinguishing should be done by an individual.

Their large, foolish candles.

If your only wish is to obtain dirt,

No matter where you go, it’s all around.

Take a glance downward

One steps upon the soil as they move forward.

If your goal is to draw blood,

I can illustrate for you the simplicity of

A majority of individuals have the goal to trim down.

All the blood can be located.

All they could ever desire,

Buried deep within themselves.

Just below the surface,

Discovering the location of where it had been concealed.

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