A picture of Cabramatta can be seen in the featured image, which shows the town in all its glory. This town provides a stunning view, with its buildings and landscape making an impressive display.

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Our publication’s October/November 2019 print issue includes an autobiographical comic, “Cabramatta,” which chronicles the author’s upbringing in a refugee enclave in Australia’s center of heroin trafficking.

Readers can also explore an online version of the comic. The Tran Thi Oanh Black Mountain Institute Fund has supported this project.

The air quality in cities has worsened recently due to increased industrial activity and motor vehicle pollution. This has hurt the health of many urban dwellers, leading to respiratory problems and other illnesses.

Consequently, it has become essential to take action to improve the quality of the air in cities.

Some of the proposed solutions include reducing the number of cars on the streets, introducing better public transportation services, and adopting stricter regulations for industrial emissions.

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