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Social Media Firestorm: Bud Light Partnership with Trans Influencer Sparks Debate and Controversy

  The recent partnership between Budweiser and trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney has caused a social media uproar. Mulvaney, dressed as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, sipped a Bud Light on Instagram while discussing March Madness. What seemed to be a harmless collaboration quickly became a lightning rod for controversy, as conservatives expressed their anger and called for a boycott of Anheuser-Busch products. Right-Wing Backlash Fuels Social Media Debate The Bud Light and Mulvaney controversy highlights how the term……

ActivityPub is Paving the Way for a Decentralized Social Media Revolution

  The future of social media might lie in ActivityPub, an under-the-radar protocol that has been around for years. This technology is now gaining traction as several tech giants, including Tumblr, Flipboard, Medium, Mozilla, Meta, and WordPress, are investing in it. Known as “the Fediverse,” it aims to decentralize social media and provide users with greater control. Mastodon: A Glimpse into a Decentralized Future Mastodon, an ActivityPub-powered platform, is quickly becoming a popular alternative for those dissatisfied with Twitter. Although……

The Struggle for Authenticity: The Decline of Social Media and the Search for Genuine Connection

The Downfall of Snapchat and the Cycle of Social Media Snapchat, once considered a more ethical alternative to other social media platforms, has succumbed to the same growth-oriented tactics that have plagued its competitors. The recent push notification encouraging users to wish their nemesis a happy birthday was the last straw for many, signaling the end of Snapchat’s relevance. This decline is indicative of a broader pattern seen across social media platforms. The need to satisfy both users and paying……

Twitter’s Recent Controversial Policies Cause Discontent and Raise Questions

  Twitter’s latest efforts to eliminate bots under Elon Musk’s leadership have inadvertently impacted numerous public service accounts, hindering their ability to automatically post crucial news and events. As Twitter transitions to Musk’s new high-priced paid API system, many of these accounts have lost their API access, which previously allowed them to post in an authorized way on the platform. Affected accounts include multiple National Weather Service accounts, New York City’s MTA, San Francisco’s BART, and various entertainment-related automated accounts…….

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