Fernando Valverde The Country Lone Wolves

The solidarity of the Pack is the Wolf,


and the solidarity of the Wolf is the Pack.


–Rudyard Kipling


The darkness of the world is continuously accompanied by a wolf.

Dreams of the land that are filled with fear

illuminated by the moon’s rays

Legislation, in particular, is something that has always been of great importance and relevance. It is a set of rules and regulations that individuals and organizations must abide by. The law is a fundamental part of any functioning society, as it helps to maintain order and keep people safe.

A creature of the Canidae family, commonly referred to as a wolf, exists.


The legal system has been around for a long time.

Certainty is present.

darkness descends in the evening hours, just like the night

The sound could be likened to the noisy yapping of canines.

Oswald displayed his Italian-manufactured firearm to the camera.

In the grounds of his abode

in the hinterlands

The power of the collective is embodied by the wolf, who stands as its symbol.

No matter the circumstance, there will always be an individual eager to do their nation a service.

Gazing out of a window, one can observe the scenery around them.

A portal or an entrance could be another way to describe it.

at close quarters

It is essential not to consume it all at once.

It is necessary for you to shed the outer layer

The topmost position can be occupied by the person in charge.

It is commonly said that the most basic laws are the most important

James Earl Ray aimed his Remington rifle towards the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.

A sample is all that is necessary

Being out of control is not recommended

Refrain from being overconfident or boastful.

The pack journeys together, even if they are alone wolfs.

across the ridges

The wintery weather brings with it a snowfall of white.

In a barren wasteland

Traversing the terrors of the planet

The supplications of the worshiper are heard.

The .22-caliber revolver of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was emptied by him.

Wolves are wandering animals that travel in a circular pattern.

When deep sorrow has taken hold of them

Tears are shed

The sorrowful cries drift through the wide expanses of meadow and woodland.

A situation where the traces of an individual have been eradicated

They are engaged in self-grooming by licking themselves.

Beginning at the point of the snout and extending all the way to the feet

holding steadfastly to their aloneness

Misfortune had befallen them

The lack of food is what drives them forward.

The desire to eat drives their enthusiasm.

Mark David Chapman discharged a unique .38 caliber weapon.

The conflict is still ongoing

The wolves tread on top of the liquid surface.

The way they communicate is with their body language.

Their habitat is the globe

Some people choose to leave by taking a stroll.

Others, on the other hand,


Unable to move, secure,

Refusing to flee

Taking a seat in a cinema or loitering in a portal

Awaiting the rule of humankind

Legislation and justice are closely intertwined.

Carolyn Forch e facilitated the translation of the text from Spanish to English.

The ability to create a new version of something that has been stated or written before is a skill known as paraphrasing. It involves rewording a sentence or phrase while still preserving its original meaning.

This is a useful technique to avoid plagiarism, as it allows an author to express their own ideas without using the exact words of the original author.


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