Jonas Brothers Unveil New Music at Marquis Theatre Residency

  • March 24, 2023

The Jonas Brothers premiered eight songs from their upcoming album, The Album, during their Marquis Theatre residency.
Their new album showcases their growth as musicians and features collaborations with renowned songwriter, producer, and singer Jon Bellion.
The residency included a week of intimate shows, each night dedicated to a different album from their discography, appealing to both longtime fans and newer supporters.
The brothers balance their musical ambitions with their growing families and various business ventures.
Despite their busy schedules, the Jonas Brothers remain dedicated to their fans and continue to evolve as musicians.


On the last night of the Jonas Brothers’ five-night residency at the Marquis Theatre, the stage setup hinted that the audience was in for something unique.

The stage featured multiple mic stands, chairs, and a yellow balloon arch.

Later, Joe, Nick, and Kevin were accompanied by a full horn section, seven backup singers, and their regular backing band as they premiered eight songs from their upcoming release, The Album, set for May 12.

Taking a Risk with Unheard Music

The brothers acknowledged the risk of performing a set of songs that their fans had never heard before.

Kevin, 35, expressed their excitement and confidence in the project, believing that the album deserved to be played live.

The Album’s Complexity and Collaborations

The expanded stage setup and additional musicians reflected the complexity of their new record.

Jon Bellion, a renowned songwriter, producer, and singer, known for working with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5, played a significant role in bringing out a different side of the brothers.

Their new album comes four years after their reunion with Happiness Begins, following a six-year hiatus. Since 2019, they have had six Top 40 hits, including their first number one song, “Sucker.”

The residency allowed the Jonas Brothers to showcase their growth as musicians while also revisiting the music that helped launch their careers.

A Week of Intimate Shows

The residency featured a week of intimate shows at the Marquis Theatre, each night dedicated to a different album.

The excitement in Times Square was palpable as fans, many now in their 20s and 30s, eagerly awaited the brothers’ arrival at the theater.

A Nostalgic Journey Through Their Musical Evolution

As part of their residency at the Marquis Theatre, the Jonas Brothers took fans on a nostalgic journey through their musical evolution.

Each night, they dedicated the first act to one of their albums, revisiting their discography from their 2007 self-titled album to their 2019 comeback record, “Happiness Begins.”

The second act featured a medley of their greatest hits, satisfying both longtime fans and newer supporters.

On the opening night, they performed songs from their 2007 self-titled album, including their hit “S.O.S.”

Nick reminisced about the impact of these early songs, saying, “Although a lot of time has passed, you know—it feels like, when we play these, they’re a day old. They don’t feel nearly 20 years old.”

Joe acknowledged their dedicated fan base, dubbing them “O.G. fans” and expressing his gratitude for their continued support.

He said, “It’s just good to see familiar faces… that literally have the O.G. Jonas Brothers shirts, that were there back in the day. It’s so special, and it means a lot to us.”

The residency allowed the Jonas Brothers to showcase their growth as musicians while also revisiting the music that helped launch their careers.

This intimate series of concerts served as a testament to their enduring popularity and the strong connection they have maintained with their fans throughout their journey.

Balancing Musical Ambitions and Family Life

Today, the Jonas Brothers balance their musical ambitions with their growing families.

Joe and his wife, Sophie Turner, are parents to two daughters, while Nick and Priyanka Chopra Jonas welcomed their daughter Malti Marie in January 2022.

Kevin raises two daughters with his wife of 13 years, Danielle Jonas, and has also started a production company and hosted the show Claim to Fame with their youngest brother, Franklin Jonas.

They’ve also supported several family-run businesses, such as their parents’ restaurants in North Carolina and Las Vegas, and Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, a snack line sold at Walmart.

A Busy Schedule

The brothers maintain a hectic schedule, including Nick’s recent participation in a SXSW panel about raising awareness for type 1 diabetes and Joe and Sophie attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The brothers joke about their busy lives, with Nick quipping, “It’s like AI generates our schedule now.”

In conclusion, the Jonas Brothers’ five-night residency at the Marquis Theatre demonstrated their ability to evolve as musicians while maintaining a strong connection with their fans.

By showcasing their new music and revisiting their early discography, they created an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Their collaboration with Jon Bellion on the upcoming album, The Album, is a testament to their continued growth and willingness to experiment.

Amidst their busy schedules and growing families, the Jonas Brothers remain dedicated to their craft and to their fans, proving that their bond as brothers and musicians is stronger than ever.

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