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Casting Call

Hospital patient 

to die on-screen. 

Must be able to stay dead

for money. Must stay dead 

for several takes.

Must not flinch

when the protagonist’s tears

make a lake 

of your mouth.

Must not swallow. 

Craft services provided.

Must be able to pronounce

the words perseverance

and dream and soon.

Part has no lines.

Part requires only your lack

of breath. Part requires

the prolonged feeling 

of someone’s knee

on your diaphragm.

3 to 5 years’ experience needed.

Must stay dead for reshoots.

Must stay dead for money. 

By “money” we mean exposure. 

By “money” we mean a thin

gold chain that comes away

green in your wet hands.

You’re going to make it, kid.

We all are. 

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