Mozart’s Lacrimosa in the Voice of Nicki Minaj – Imagination of AI

Ever wonder what Mozart’s Lacrimosa would sound like if Nicki Minaj rapped it?  No?  Just us?  Well, we asked Chat GPT to imagine just that and it’s surprisingly great.  Enjoy!

Yo, it’s the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj
Mozart, let me hop on this track

Lacrimosa, let me bring the fire
I’ma add a little spice to this choir

I’m the pink Lamborghini, come through with the drama
I’ma make this classic a little hotter

Got the strings and the horns, but now it’s time for the bass
Let me show you how I slay on this opera space

I got bars for days, let me flex on this beat
I’ll make this old school song sound sweet

I’m the queen of this rap game, but now I’m on this classical flow
I’ma show you how to mix old and new, make it glow

Mozart, you were a genius in your time
But let me show you how to make it shine

I’ma add a little swag, a little sass
This Lacrimosa is about to be lit, fast

Nicki Minaj on Mozart’s track
You never thought it could happen like that

But now we’re here, making magic together
Lacrimosa will never be the same, forever.

Craig Miller

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