Shark Week

They say okay, nature, we are here to participate.
They are creating my costume—tofu smooth,
iceberg blue. They say go Brando. Motivation:
Hunger beyond reason. Need without doubt.
No question, method is best. Surf’s up. Main
cues: Mackerel and sadness. They say more wow.
Machine guns. Maybe I have trouble at home.
Subplot: Hunt seals is the job for the day.
They say no emotion. Give us blood and sunshine.
Teamsters won’t chum, budget troubles. I say
so what. Chum is dumb. Law of jungle: Some hunger
makes no sound. Gaffer goes splash. Adios, gaffer!
They say “perfect killing machine.” I say no shame.
The ocean loves me and the ocean is totally normal.

Ryan Molloy

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