Swans at a Pond by JFK Airport

  • June 17, 2015


…….resemble cranes,
the construction kind; one of the pair has begun to assemble

…….a nest as big
as a sleeping adult human being. No rest

…….accrues to the
weary, if the weary are or expect to be parents; but no blues,

…….no keening, no
jeremiads are in order, just advice they won’t hear: take it slow;

…….try, at least, to
make plans you won’t have to keep: you, too, will cry.

appears here as several bits of mess: split sticks, dull loot

…….our trenches leave,
prismatic drinking straws, and bottlenecks belie the merely emotional power

…….source that some of
us find in recycling, as if we could rescue a watershed by collating apple cores,

…….as if goodness
were easy to recognize, and the distinction of eros from caritas

O swans, mute, self-appointed landed gentry

…….whose work confines
itself to the under-studied and overlooked, further reports would only confuse

…….us who travel
in such exhausting, overbearing vehicles, and make ourselves ridiculous

…….thereby. It is
not we who own the air.

Ryan Molloy

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