Sweatpants in Paradise


The structure of this text has been altered while still conveying the same message.

One can sometimes measure the intensity of an experience by its effect on one’s perception of time. Swimming, combat, dreaming, enduring a migraine, and copulation are activities that occur at an accelerated rate.

Shopping can also have this effect- if one doubts this, one can simply go to a mall before dark and observe how they feel after a few hours when they step outside into the night.

Depending on the individual’s disposition, this exit from the mall can be either incredibly gratifying or terribly disappointing. The shopping vortex has a different effect on each person.

My father and I made a trip to the San Francisco Centre mall the other day to return a pair of velour pants. The mall is set up like a gastropod shell, with white walls and spiraling escalators.

It has a concierge and family lounge, along with a food court and a lot of bathrooms that have the smell of Bath & Body Works mixed in the air. My dad jokingly remarked, “I feel like a robot” as we navigated the interactive map to find the correct store.

Interestingly, the mall is a social hub for those under thirty-five, as people of various genders and relationship statuses stroll around the premises. You could say it’s almost like a safari, with different people exhibiting unique behaviors in the mall.

A photograph of the Tactile Dome from an archival source is shown here. This image has been taken from The Exploratorium’s website, exploratorium.edu.

On our way to the clothing store, we noticed two chocolate shops and a location named The Art of Shaving. Inside the store, there was a written message on the wall reading “FOR NICE GIRLS WHO LIKE STUFF.”

While I waited for an alternate size of pants, I contemplated the indistinctness of this statement and how precise it was in its ambiguity. It encompassed the feelings of expectation and anxiousness that a shopping mall usually evokes.

I thought of astrology and clouds and the bustling shoppers while waiting for the pants. These were all vague things. I felt connected with other customers in the mall, all of us dedicated to the stroll. It was comforting yet stimulating at the same time.

The mall offers something that a website can’t: a collective atmosphere of display, sound, and smell. From the sweet aroma of Cinnabon to the lively background music, it is a place of social interaction and potential romantic possibilities; a kind of bar for teenagers.

People even dress up to go to the mall, just like they would for a date – it is for those who enjoy shopping and being seen.


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I was feeling quite cozy in my velour outfit for the plane trip to New York, like I was wearing a caterpillar. All throughout the flight, I thought about the shopping centers I was leaving and the mall-like stores that were in Manhattan.

There aren’t any true malls in Manhattan, but there are stores that are the same size, and one in particular had caught my attention. A friend of mine who had gotten high and stumbled upon the store called me and said I should go to the Hollister Co.

flagship store by myself when I got back to New York, and that’s what I did.

The Hollister store is situated on a fourty-thousand-square-foot block on the corner of Broadway and Houston in SoHo. Young women without pants and topless men stand at the entrance, some with zinc oxide smeared across their noses.

The employees chosen for their good looks and friendliness create an unsettling experience as customers receive attention from people not within their reach repeatedly.

It is impossible not to experience a sexual atmosphere when visiting Hollister, even if it is simply admiring the greeter’s taut nipples. Hollister’s strategy may be unsubtle, however it is effective.

By making the mall’s sexual promise tangible through real people, customers are drawn to the store and not tempted to go elsewhere.

Instead of providing a neutral environment for wandering like food courts and lobbies, the store offers a fabricated atmosphere of sexual possibility. It is literally a mall contained in one store!

Abercrombie & Fitch, which owns Hollister and the now-extinct Ruehl brands, is one of many stores that are focusing on providing a unique customer experience as their major source of brand promotion.

In their 2009 annual report, the company details how they aim to create an atmosphere that activates the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and energy through the visual display of merchandise, in-store marketing, music, aromas, fabrics.

And their sales representatives to bring to life the aspirational lifestyles represented by their brands.

At the Hollister store on Broadway, customers are met with a cramped and dimly lit atmosphere. Artificial fog is pumped from the rafters, along with potted palms that obstruct the floor.

The store’s theme is “EPIC” and is also the name of the brand’s new cologne, which is present in the air. Distressed cargo pants, sweatpants embroidered with “VARSITY CLUB SURFERS”, and flip-flops for $11.90 are some items available for purchase.

The tags on the women’s clothing say “BETTYS” and the men’s read “DUDES”. Music plays a large role in the store’s atmosphere and is kept at a steady 80-85 decibels. The sound track is unfamiliar yet generic and reminiscent of a high school movie.


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Colonel W. W. Hollister was the one responsible for the naming of the small city of Hollister, California in San Benito County, located west of Interstate 5 and around forty miles inland.

The land was held in reverence by the Chumash Indians and it is now known for its economic-friendly atmosphere and temperate winters. The Hollister Co. logo displays the year 1922, however, the brand was established in 2000 in Columbus, Ohio.

It is not clear why 1922 was chosen as the official start-date; many things happened that year, yet none related to logo sweatpants.

If I had to guess, I would point to three occurrences in 1922: the California grizzly bear being declared extinct, the birth of Helen Gurley Brown in Arkansas, and a meteorite that fell in Virginia.

Each of these events represent the loss of an authentically Californian species, the encouragement of fashion as an expression of sexuality, and an inexplicable natural phenomenon.

When it comes to the influence of Southern California surf culture, Hollister stands out.

But why did they choose to name themselves after a town further inland that is suffering from reduced home sales and a higher rate of earthquakes? Was the decision made thoughtfully or was it simply because the name “Hollister” had a more appealing sound than its nearby locations of Chualar and Molus? An imaginary person featured on the Hollister website serves to validate the brand and its flagship store.


I decided to investigate the EPIC Hollister shop in SoHo. Being a native of Southern California, I was intrigued. As soon as I entered I could tell this was going to be huge.


 The people working there were as attractive as anyone you would see on a sunny beach. There were no crabby old ladies scolding children. The store was fully equipped, and it was a close replication of SoCal. I was absolutely captivated.…


When visitors enter Hollister’s flagship store, they become overwhelmed by its specific, yet mysterious vibe. It’s clear that it’s drawing from some sort of movie, location, or lifestyle, but it’s not what one would expect from something called “spot-on to SoCal.”

Potted plants and surf gear are scattered around the store, but where does the coolness come from? Why is it so familiar?


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The evening after I visited the Hollister main store, I woke up in the middle of the night not knowing if I had been asleep or just lying there for a while.

I left my bed and switched on my computer, then opened the quarterly report for Abercrombie that I had previously downloaded .

one of those long PDFs that we all avoid having on our desktops until the right moment arrives when the right combination of focus and boredom comes into play and reading it becomes an option.

Upon viewing the document, I discovered it was not a quarterly report as I had assumed, but a marketing memo from 2007, seemingly issued by Abercrombie and hosted on Wikipedia without a source.

It highlighted the financial achievements of the company and its plans, including an allocation of $10 million for new louvers and signage. It featured images from its ad-campaigns and a snapshot of a bus.

The document was composed of bullet-pointed statements, with some of the nouns being strangely capitalized, like it had been translated from German. For the quarter’s accomplishments, it listed:


  • In January 2008, we unveiled the Fifth Concept


  • Presently, we are in the process of installing the Core Retail Merchandising System


  • We have assembled a talented and proficient development squad




  • We are exceedingly enthusiastic about the business; there is remarkable potential.


I looked through the memo from top to bottom, yet I couldn’t comprehend it, perhaps because it was without any significance.

It had no relevance to the retail giant that had billions in net sales and stores in two of the biggest cities in the world. So, what did it mean? I decided to go back to sleep.


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In 2008, IBM released a brief entitled “How Immersive Technology Can Revitalize the Shopping Experience” which explored the potential of the shopping experience in the future.

This document was presented alongside a pair of stereoscopic goggles at the National Retail Federation Convention & Expo in New York City. The goggles were designed to offer customers the opportunity to experience a 3-D virtual world when they visited a store.

For example, shoppers would be able to view a fashion show from Europe with accompanying audio and aromas; as the model walks down the runway, their fragrance would be perceptible in the air. IBM’s brief then posed the following questions:


Do your customers see your brand as applicable to their lives? Are they aware of the advantages of your brand experience when compared to commodity items? Or, as they move from shop to shop, do people forget your brand, merging it with that of your rivals in their memories?


Picture of the Tactile Dome (C) The Exploratorium, exploratorium.edu.


In order to counteract the trend of commoditization–where consumers are only interested in the lowest price–IBM has created immersive retail.

This strategy seeks to differentiate competitors, which is especially relevant for retailers like Hollister, who produce generally decent items for higher prices.

To offset the draw of online shopping, retailers are turning to immersive retail as a way of providing customers with a “memorable, interactive and emotional” experience.

It’s a form of retail that goes beyond the merchandise and provides customers with an exciting, personalized atmosphere.

The goal is to create a destination-like environment that stimulates the senses and offers the chance to put clothes in the context they were intended to be worn in. Immersive retail is about more than just convenience or privacy, it’s about creating a unique atmosphere that conveys the meaning of the products.

6. A different way of expressing the same idea is to alter the structure of the words without affecting the semantic meaning or context.

My adolescent years often come to mind when I think of the items I purchased and the dreams invested in them.

As a teen from California, I sported the same sweatshirts and tight jeans that Hollister offers, feeling inadequate when compared to the Jennifers and Kelseys of the world, as if my lack of romantic rendezvous (none) was printed on my trucker cap for all to see.

This sensation is resurrected as soon as I step into a Hollister store, and I understand why: despite any missteps, the company captures certain aesthetic elements of my home state perfectly.

At community college, many of my classmates resembled the store employees in a preliminary form.

They came to Mass Communications 110 wearing garments that were all about comfort and being sexy in an effortless manner: sweatshirts, sheepskin boots, and thongs which showed off the slice of tanned skin that was visible from (their) low-cut jeans. This was a look that exuded a relaxed, clean sensuality. The most attractive girls always had brand-new socks, which was a crucial element.

My good fortune was that I was able to go along with the trend. It was actually a great equalizer.

At a school made up of both privileged slackers and teenage moms, the affluent girls were buying from the same shops as the not so wealthy girls.

Though the wealthy ones may have had Tiffany bean pendants at home, in the classroom everyone had the potential to appear almost identical.

Cannabis was a great leveler. It is difficult to overstate the significance of weed as a decisive element in the lives of West Coast teenagers

. Weed was why young ladies chose garments based on softness, why boys sounded unintelligent, why we uttered every phrase as an inquiry and utilized like and you know as idle conversations.

In an era of T9 input, messages beginning with I would immediately finish with mstoned.

Anyone acquainted with the hazy and scent-filled bedrooms of a cannabis-using adolescence will perceive in Hollister’s decoration a simulated version of the regular Friday night. Weed may not be available at Hollister, but its consequences are ubiquitous.

One of the places we enjoyed when we were high was the Exploratorium in San Francisco, an interactive science museum for both adults and children like a Pixar movie. It was educational and filled with exhibits that let you shock a pickle or disect a cow eye.

There was also the Tactile Dome, a geodesic structure that was opened in 1971 as an experiment in sensory disorientation. The Dome was small, like a big weather balloon, and had a three-dimensional, pitch-black passageway with thirteen chambers and zero right angles.

Visitors had to take off their shoes and crawl through the tunnels, climb up a rope wall, and slide down into a pit of beans without being able to see.

It was described as feeling like being born again, going inside out head first, being swallowed by a whale, and being in a giant womb. It took about ten minutes to complete and it was an intense experience because of the absence of sight.

The final descent into the beans was described as being a Dionysian experience.

At the beginning of the Tactile Dome project, Dr. August F. Coppola (a scientist[*]) and Carl Day (an architect) expressed that it was part of an artistic revolution which engages people as participants rather than as recipients of art.

They shared that they believed if successful, the revolution would have a profound effect on art, advertising, industrial design, life styles, and even core beliefs.

With nothing to observe and only one path to take, the Tactile Dome provides the ultimate remedy I can find for immersive retail. It ignites the senses where Hollister reduces them; it provides an ecstatic feeling followed by introspection instead of a migraine.

I cannot doubt that Hollister’s numbing effect is deliberate. Devisers of immersive retail must realize that we make purchases when we are bored, not when we are thrilled, vigorous, and spiritually aroused–that these emotions are only enticements to get us in the door.

Hollister is mysterious, alluring, and exciting, but it won’t twist your mind. The store has no slides and no rope ladders, only staircases and emergency exits. Plus, there is no bean pit at the end.

  • August Coppola, brother to Francis Ford Coppola and father to Nicolas Cage, was commemorated in a November 4, 2009 San Francisco Chronicle obituary, which stated, “Professor Coppola was seen as a relative to many.
  • But his own charm and great intelligence left a lasting impression in California and San Francisco.
  • ” It went on to say, “Captivated by the concept of touch and the restraints surrounding it.
  • He once told the Exploratorium that ‘the most important rule in life is do not touch’–Professor Coppola’s exhibit [the Tactile Dome] insisted on physical contact.
  •  He also wrote The Intimacy–a Novel, about a man who connects through touch.”

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It is clear that there is an increasing reliance on technology in our lives. We are using technology for everything from working remotely to watching our favorite shows and staying connected with friends.

This reliance on technology has caused a shift in our lifestyles, as well as a greater dependence on digital devices.

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This can be accomplished by rearranging the words and phrases of the content, thereby creating a unique version.

The way in which we approach every situation is determined by the attitude we have towards it. Our attitude can either lead to success or failure, depending on how we choose to respond to it. Thus, it is essential to cultivate a positive attitude in order to achieve the desired outcome.

The process of removing plagiarism involves alteration of the original text’s structure while still retaining the same meaning. This can be done by changing the order of words, using synonyms, or rearranging sentence structure.

The goal is to make the rewritten version look different from the original while still conveying the same message.

I beheld small thatch boats bobbing around in the sea, while Mongolian horses roamed the hills, their riders wearing helmets.

The horizon was marked with scarab insignias and the clang of swords and armor filled the air, making the scorpions to hide in their burrows. I considered zero’s mysterious nature.

I sat at a table laden with muscadine and quince, unaware that a jealous husband had poisoned the Shiraz. I remember laughing at his ancient joke regarding Caligula, who was apparently lounging in a bath made of salt blocks.

Myself and a few other surviving crew members were stranded on a vessel near the equator. We all had a look of cannibals in our eyes. I arrived in a peaceful valley of goats and dragon lizards, but my head was filled with thoughts of sand spilling from my shoes.

I saw the burning of heretics at an oasis, and dreamt of seagulls interrogating various aquatic animals. The queen of scapegoats was wearing a mask as palms circled the valley.

It was a very old land before Christ and Mohammed, and when I opened my eyes I could see women embracing a tribunal of gasoline cans. I heard a scuttling on the seafloor, knowing what surrender would look like after a long victory parade.

I also heard the sounds of lovemaking echoing within the cave and command station.

It is evident that there is a strong correlation between health and profitability in the workplace.

Companies that have healthier employees tend to experience increased financial success, while those with fewer healthy workers may suffer financially.

Thus, it is clear that by investing in health and wellbeing initiatives, businesses can reap the rewards of improved productivity and profitability.

A picture of Pendarvis rocks is shown here. These stones are an integral part of the landscape in the area.

In today’s world, having a strong online presence is increasingly important. Having an effective website is the cornerstone of a successful online strategy.

It is necessary to ensure that the website is well structured, easy to use and includes the necessary information. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines in order to maximize visibility.

The term “gloss” does not represent a conclusion, but it is not the same thing as what it refers to. Possibly, the only exception is the Word. This could be why it was there from the start and was associated with God.

In Greece, one can find philosophers and athletes wearing white clothing as well as masks used in tragedy plays. In Delphi, a mountain filled with red poppies was the backdrop to our stroll.

During our walk, a goat-herder was simultaneously taking care of his animals, the sound of their bells ringing out in the air, while listening to his iPod.

Feeling remorseful, not an emotion, but a mindset

regarding that I neglected to advise you to remain in Yakushima, or go immediately

to Okinawa, bypassing the journey to the side. If you can’t manage to discard this point of view, then you become

like the king who had to put out his eyes.

The guitar had various bumper stickers on it such as “I Heart Mormon Pussy”, “Dip Me In Honey & Throw Me to the Lesbians”, and “Jerry Falwell Can Suck My Tinky-Winky”. You played the song “Hallelujah” on it softly and slowly.

One of the most effective means of avoiding plagiarism is to restructure the text without altering the context or the significance of the words. Doing so can be done by using different words, varying the sentence structure and varying the order of words.

This can be accomplished by using synonyms, rearranging phrases and sentences, and switching the order of ideas. Furthermore, by citing the sources from which the information is obtained, it is possible to avoid any suspicion of plagiarism.

It was a laborious day in Colombia, filled with parades of people all dressed in yellow. As we rode the funicular up to Monserrate, you noticed a small child attempting to take something from you.

You didn’t do anything, just jokingly warned him. We continued down the winding pathway, which apparently was said to be full of bandits, yet there were none. As we were about to visit the merchant who sold emeralds, we saw the alley was blocked off by riot police.

We quickly changed direction and I asked, “What is that smell?” You replied, “It’s similar to air freshener, we need to go this way now!”

The bill for all those phone calls to Bogota: I can imagine you in the abuelita’s apartment, feet resting against the desk, leaning back in your chair, and me being miles away, situated on my bed with the receiver pressed between pillow and ear, hearing you describe the performance artist who distributed flyers in the city center.

It took me seven months to square the cost.

You, who had steadfastly avoided getting a mobile phone, had to agree that I needed one. You said that having one had been the cause of your first marriage’s demise. You wanted me to have one so that you could constantly find me, but not vice-versa.

Close to Capitol Reef in Torrey, Utah, we went to watch the petroglyphs, ancient inscriptions in the slot canyons. In the summertime, we would pick plenty of cherries in the public orchard and the air was filled with the buzzing of bees.

There was always some crushed apricots in the dirt that was filled with a sweet aroma. Plastic bags of fruits were all around us. We’d take a break at Cafe Diablo for some delicious crispy duck and a salad with wild mushrooms.

The thought of it all now brings me a sense of nostalgia, my love. You gave me something I never had before: peace of mind, something I’m slowly losing again.

It is evident that we need to take action and make changes in order to address our current environmental issues. We must make a concerted effort to implement changes for the betterment of the planet, or else we could find ourselves in a difficult situation in the future.

No, not me, but a number of commemorative obelisks in the Provincetown cemetery honour captains and whalers who have been lost at sea, as well as their widows. In this way, I am comparable to those women who have lost their husbands.

Wittgenstein postulated that “everything that is happening is part of the world.” I once wrote “everything that is said makes up the world” (with an awkward addition of “pubic parks” at the end).

I have a fondness for certain words, like “radio”, “diaphanous” and “smudge”. However, I have an aversion to words such as “nugget” and “oil”. This preference is based on their sound, the way they signify and how they appear on the paper.

Words that are hard to rhyme are also valued, though this is not a factor in my decision. The lack of a connection between words and their objects does not influence my regard towards them, as they can still remain impactful.

Jot down a grocery list, a name and telephone number on the title page of a book or a beermat. Send emails asking for voter registration forms, write prescriptions. Sign your name on a marriage license, a birth certificate or bond.

Compose a love letter. Craft a novel about a man so unlike his father, or a play with the central character as a heavy drinker. Pen a poem about a person who is made better by looking at things, or whose gaze causes sadness. Put in writing a statement of purpose. This is my statement of purpose: Yes, you.


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