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Tool: Poultry Shears

WUSTHOF’s Poultry Shears

These shears are specially crafted by the renowned cutler WUSTHOF to make cutting poultry a simpler task.

With an ergonomic handle and precision-forged blades, these shears are designed to help you quickly and efficiently prepare poultry for cooking.

They are an essential tool for any kitchen.

  • Composition: High-carbon, no-stain steel
  • Grip: Stainless steel
  • Length: Ten inches
  • Cost: $100

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OXO Kitchen Scissors

These kitchen tools are perfect for cutting through a variety of materials.

They are built with stainless steel blades, comfortable soft-grip handles, and a locking mechanism for safe storage. These shears are an essential for any kitchen.

  • Composition: Stainless steel
  • Grip: Soft rubber
  • Dimensions: Ten inches
  • Cost: $12

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My wife and I have been using the Oxo Kitchen Shears for the past twelve months to get through various tasks such as cutting open pet food bags, removing plastic from cheese blocks, opening Pomi crushed tomatoes boxes and snipping the tags off my wife’s dress.

Yet, we have not tested them on chickens yet.

Realizing I had been neglectful of our shears, I determined that it was time to utilize them for their intended purpose.

The Fertile Crescent, a Middle Eastern grocery store on 570 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, has a deal where you can get a fresh chicken for $1.20 a pound.

The staff offered to cut off its head with an electric blade attached to the counter, but I refused the offer. I wanted to use our poultry shears, which have not been used in over a year, and see if they can do the job.

Even though poultry shears are not usually used to behead chickens, I thought it was a good chance to test them out.

Studying the diagrams and instructions of The Joy of Cooking to cut the chicken into parts, I questioned if my Oxos were able to manage.

The Wusthof Poultry Shears, my desired shears, were too expensive for my wage.

These shears could, when in the right hands (mine), save lives, take off the heads of undead monsters, and cut out the hearts of hostile werewolves, maintaining the equilibrium between good and evil.

It is regrettable that I am not in possession of these scissors.

My wife, displeased with my idea of having our canine, Steve, play with the bird’s head in a game of “tug-of-war,” mentioned that she would be away for the day and I should carry out the activity, regardless of her opinion, while she was out.

I took hold of the chicken neck and started to slice it up right after she left.

The raw chicken has an unappealing appearance, with its pimples and feather-stems still attached to the meat.

It is much simpler to prepare a chicken if it is frozen, decapitated, cut into parts, boneless, and skinless. To separate the meat from the bone, a sharp knife is much more effective than a pair of shears, which can mangle the meat.

A cleaver also comes in handy for removing the head from the body, as the neck is too strong for the shears. Knowing I could break the scissors, I opted to butter the bird and place it into the oven, whole.

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