MUJI Transforms Heritage Japanese Home into Chic Airbnb Rental

Experience a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity as MUJI reveals a century-old Japanese home reimagined into a minimalist Airbnb.

MUJI, known for its natural and minimalist product lines, has ventured into the world of interior design and architecture with a revamped century-old Japanese house in Kamogawa City, now available on Airbnb as MUJI Base Kamogawa.
The Airbnb stay represents a perfect blend of traditional and modern, reflecting MUJI's clean aesthetic while preserving the essence of Japanese 'Satoyama' living - being one with nature.
MUJI Base Kamogawa offers a unique opportunity for guests to experience a tranquil retreat or use the location as a perfect base for remote work, fostering a deep appreciation for the finer aspects of life.

MUJI Breathes New Life into Historic Japanese House

In the realm of household goods and fashion, MUJI, the Japanese design brand, has etched a special place with its understated and naturalistic offerings. In recent times, it has spread its wings into the domains of architecture and interior design. As part of this initiative, it recently introduced its latest addition to the lineup of rental homes spread across Japan, revealing a peaceful abode in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, not too far from Tokyo. This home, a building with a history dating back a hundred years, has received a MUJI-style makeover and has now opened its doors for bookings on Airbnb as the MUJI Base Kamogawa.

Experience a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity as MUJI reveals a century-old Japanese home reimagined into a minimalist Airbnb.

Welcome to Your Personal MUJI Sanctuary

This quaint Airbnb, standing tall for over a century, is a testament to the seamless fusion of the old and the new. MUJI’s minimalistic approach is evident in its transformation, creating an ambiance that reflects the principles of Japanese ‘Satoyama’ living. This design philosophy captures the essence of living harmoniously with nature. With its modern upgrades subtly intertwined with the original charm, the home is the embodiment of a harmonious fusion of the past and present.

The home’s interior is a celebration of MUJI’s trademark clean aesthetic, with a hand-picked assortment of their signature products enhancing the overall ambiance.

For the devoted followers of MUJI, this Airbnb presents itself as a haven of tranquility. Whether you are looking to escape for a few calm days or set it up as your ideal remote work ‘base’, the MUJI Base Kamogawa offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a lifestyle that’s unique to this local community.

MUJI emphasizes that in our rapidly changing world, the desire for a consistent place of comfort and peace is as strong as ever. In their words, “MUJI BASE can be the one for you.” As guests spend time in this thoughtfully curated space, they can learn to appreciate the subtle aspects of life and gather wisdom from their lived experiences.

Experience ‘Satoyama’ Living with a Touch of the West 

The house stands as an embodiment of contemporary, free living, interspersed with a dash of Western influence, all the while preserving the core of the Japanese ‘Satoyama’ lifestyle – the idea of coexisting in harmony with nature. MUJI’s effort at crafting an ideal home base that resonates with its unique minimalist aesthetic is indeed a vision to behold. Whether you’re working remotely or simply seeking a serene retreat, MUJI’s newest Airbnb offering is bound to leave an imprint on your heart.

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