Requena’s Record-Breaking Goal Stuns Fans and Opponents

Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena scored a 101-meter goal during a match between Cobresal and Colo-Colo in Chile's top soccer league.
If verified, Requena's goal would break the current record for the longest range goal in history, set by Tom King at 96.01 meters.
Cobresal's manager, Juan Silva, confirmed the club's intention to submit a record application to Guinness World Records.
Requena believes the altitude of Cobresal's stadium (2,400 meters above sea level) may have played a part in the extraordinary goal.
The previous record holder, Tom King, scored his goal in a 2021 match between Newport County and Cheltenham Town in England's fourth-tier league.


In a thrilling match in Chile’s top soccer league, Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena managed to score an unbelievable goal during Cobresal’s 3-1 win against Colo-Colo.

The goal came in the 77th minute, when Requena’s team was already leading 2-0.

Requena’s seemingly innocuous goal kick turned into a record-breaking feat, as the ball flew over the heads of all 20 outfield players and bounced over Colo-Colo goalkeeper Brayan Cortés.

Cobresal Goalkeeper’s Goal Makes History

TNT Sports Chile reported that Requena’s goal was scored from a distance of 101 meters.

If verified by Guinness World Records, this would surpass the current record for the longest range goal in history, which stands at 96.01 meters, set by Tom King in 2021.

Cobresal’s manager, Juan Silva, confirmed the club’s intention to submit a record application.

Waiting for Verification and Celebrating the Achievement

The Chilean Football Federation has contacted Silva to check the measurements of the field. 

FIFA recommends that a professional soccer pitch should be 105 meters by 68 meters. 

Requena expressed his happiness over the achievement, not just for himself but also for the institution and Chilean football.

He believes that the altitude of Cobresal’s stadium, which is 2,400 meters above sea level, may have contributed to the extraordinary goal.

As of now, Guinness World Records has not received an application for this record.

The Moment that Stunned the Stadium

The goal stunned both the players and the audience, as Requena’s powerful kick flew across the field without bouncing until it reached midway inside Colo-Colo’s half.

Colo-Colo’s goalkeeper, Brayan Cortés, found himself unable to head the ball, stumbling as he raced back to his goal in a futile attempt to stop it.

FIFA recommends that a professional soccer pitch should be 105 meters by 68 meters.

Cortés raised his hand to acknowledge his mistake and apologize to his teammates, while Requena was mobbed by his teammates in celebration of his remarkable goal.

The match ended in a 3-1 victory for Cobresal.

Previous Record Holder Tom King’s 96.01-Meter Goal Dethroned

Before Requena’s astounding goal, the title for the longest range goal belonged to Tom King. 

The goalkeeper scored from an impressive distance of 96.01 meters in a 2021 match between Newport County and Cheltenham Town, part of England’s fourth-tier league.

King’s record-breaking goal garnered widespread attention and admiration, as it demonstrated a rare combination of skill, power, and luck.

With Requena’s 101-meter goal now in the spotlight, King’s feat may be dethroned once the record application is submitted and verified by Guinness World Records.

This new achievement adds another layer of excitement to the world of soccer, as fans and players alike marvel at the extraordinary capabilities of talented goalkeepers.

As Requena’s record-breaking goal gains recognition, it serves as a reminder of the limitless potential in the sport and the thrilling moments that can unfold on the field.

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