New Jersey’s Crackdown on Underage and Prohibited Gambling

Discover how New Jersey’s strict gambling regulations led to casinos and a racetrack forfeiting over $77,000 from underage and self-excluded gamblers, highlighting ongoing efforts to combat problem gambling.

New Jersey casinos and a horse track forfeited over $77,000 won by underage or self-excluded gamblers.
DraftKings and Rush Street Interactive fined for violations; funds directed to compulsive gambling treatment and social programs.
Increased prevalence of gambling among college students raises concerns about addiction and the need for preventive measures.

New Jersey’s Crackdown on Illegal Gambling Activities

Five Atlantic City casinos and a horse racing track in New Jersey have recently forfeited over $77,000 won by underage gamblers and those on self-exclusion lists. This comes alongside fines for DraftKings and Rush Street Interactive for similar breaches. The forfeited funds are earmarked for programs addressing compulsive gambling, senior citizens, and disabled individuals.

Most cases involved underage individuals or those with inadequate identification. Patrons had a six-month period to prove legal gambling, which has now expired. Additionally, some wins were from individuals on New Jersey’s self-exclusion list, designed to prevent them from gambling.

The Impact of Sports Betting and Gambling on College Campuses

The National Council on Problem Gambling reports that three-quarters of college students gambled in the past year. With the expansion of legal sports betting across the U.S., including on college campuses, concerns are rising about gambling addiction among college students.

Educational psychologist and faculty fellow at an institute for responsible gaming highlights the susceptibility of college students to gambling addiction. They emphasize the need for colleges to take proactive steps to mitigate problem gambling, especially with the growing accessibility of sports betting through technology.

Forfeitures and Fines

The most significant forfeiture was by Resorts, amounting to over $51,000, with incidents dating back to 2020. Other notable forfeitures include over $7,500 by the Ocean Casino Resort, over $5,600 by Bally’s, and smaller amounts by Freehold Raceway, the Golden Nugget, and Harrah’s. These actions, while representing a small fraction of the total gambling activity in New Jersey, underscore the ongoing enforcement of regulations governing casinos and gambling operations.

Addressing Gambling Addiction on College Campuses

With sports betting increasingly accessible, especially on college campuses, there is a pressing need for awareness and intervention. Colleges are encouraged to adopt clear policies on gambling, align them with alcohol policies, promote awareness of addiction, and ensure counseling and health services are equipped to support students with gambling problems. Surveying student attitudes and behaviors towards gambling is also crucial for effective intervention and prevention strategies.

This detailed breakdown of New Jersey’s enforcement against illegal gambling highlights the state’s commitment to regulating gambling activities and the growing concern over the impact of sports betting on the younger population, particularly college students.

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