Skill Games Stir Debate in Nebraska: Are They Fair to Casinos?

Skill games in Nebraska spark debate. Are they unregulated gambling or fair business? We explore both sides.

Unregulated skill games in Nebraska are causing worry about potential gambling addiction and tax evasion.
Casinos argue that it's unfair they have to pay $5 million for a license while skill game operators pay just $250.
Businesses claim that revenue from skill games helps pay competitive wages and benefits to employees.

Why Are Skill Games So Controversial?

In Nebraska, a debate is heating up over games that look a lot like slot machines but aren’t found in casinos. These games, often placed in convenience and grocery stores, are known as “skill games.” Critics argue that these games are not regulated enough and could become a new source of gambling addiction. On top of that, the money made from these games isn’t taxed.

Casinos are also voicing their dissatisfaction, pointing out an imbalance in the rules. To run a casino, a license costing $5 million is required, whereas skill game operators only have to cough up $250. Lynne McNally, the head of the Nebraska Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, highlighted the extent of the issue. According to her, there are 5,000 skill game machines scattered across Nebraska. “We’d need to open three more casinos just to have as many machines as these unregulated games,” she said.

Do Skill Games Have a Silver Lining?

However, not everyone thinks these skill games are a problem. Dave Shoemaker, who owns a local truck stop, says the money from these machines is good for businesses. He even says it helps them pay better wages and give benefits to workers.

As people argue about this, some are looking at safe online casinos as another option. These online spots often have stricter rules, which makes some feel more at ease. So, it’s clear that Nebraska has some big decisions to make about skill games and regular casinos. Will there be new rules, or will people keep disagreeing? We’ll have to wait and see.

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