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Best and more sustainable trip destinations

Top Sustainable Destinations and Cities for 2023

Discover the top sustainable travel destinations and cities for 2023. From eco-friendly Sweden to Melbourne’s green initiatives, learn where responsible travel is headed next. 2023’s Top Sustainable Travel Spots Revealed Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys, but it often comes with a side of guilt due to its environmental impact. From the carbon footprint of air travel to the strain mass tourism puts on local ecosystems, the downsides can be disheartening. However, a glimmer of hope comes from countries……

best skyline in costructions

Architecture news ✅ 5 Upcoming Skyscrapers of Future Skyline

Discover five upcoming skyscraper projects that promise to reshape our cities. Find out which structures are set to become the new icons of modern architecture! Raising the Bar: 5 Upcoming Skyscrapers Changing the Game in Modern Architecture Skyscrapers have always captured our collective imagination as towering testaments to human ingenuity. These soaring structures punctuate city skylines, symbolizing progress and possibility. Today, we’re focusing on the next generation of skyscrapers—five incredible projects slated to become landmarks of the future. The Spiral,……

Pyramids at the sunset

Discover Egypt and the Nile: A Journey Beyond Time and Space

Embark on a thrilling journey through Egypt, where ancient wonders come alive. Explore pyramids, mosques, and dine like a local. Landing in Cairo: Where Tradition Meets Modernity Welcome to Cairo, a city that’s both ancient and ever-changing! Your journey begins when your Atlas Obscura Guide greets you at the airport. They’ll whisk you away in a private transfer to your boutique hotel, an oasis of calm on an island in the mighty Nile. Prepare for a journey through time as……

Skyline of dubai

World Skyscraper Day: Dubai’s Top 5 Skyscrapers

Explore Dubai’s awe-inspiring skyscrapers as we celebrate World Skyscraper Day on September 3rd, 2023.  The Towers that Shape Dubai’s Identity On any given day, Dubai’s skyline captures imaginations worldwide. But as World Skyscraper Day rolls around on September 3, 2023, those towering forms take on a special significance. They are more than mere buildings; they are statements of ambition, ingenuity, and the future of global architecture. Dubai, the city that has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last decade, showcases……

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