Rise of the Ronin Review: A Rewarding Investment in Gameplay and Story

Rise of the Ronin, created by Team Ninja, stands out as a solid new entry in the action RPG category, offering a detailed story set in a well-made samurai world.

The game starts with a steep combat learning curve but rewards perseverance with engaging gameplay.
Small, personal stories within a larger historical narrative enhance player connection.
A unique system with Countersparks and Martial attacks adds depth and challenge to fights.

Initial Impressions and Gameplay Evolution

Rise of the Ronin starts off tough, with hard-to-learn fighting styles and a slow beginning.

At first, during the early 10 hours, it might not grab your attention much, but this changes dramatically the more you play, especially after putting in about 50 hours.

As you get deeper into the game, the detailed sword fights and the stories focused on the characters really start to stand out, making the time you spent learning the game feel worth it.

Storytelling and Character Development

Engaging Narrative and Bond System

The story of Rise of the Ronin is built around many small, personal tales that come together to form a big, important story set in 1860s Japan—a time when the country was opening up and dealing with its own internal troubles.

The game’s “Bond” system makes this story richer by letting players form relationships through various side missions, which deepen their connection to the game’s world and its characters.

The Blade Twin’s Tale

Central to the storyline is the player’s role as a samurai, part of a duo known as the Twin Blades within a group called the Veiled Edge.

After a failed mission to assassinate a powerful American, your blade twin sacrifices themselves, propelling you into a journey of revenge, political intrigue, and survival as a ronin, a samurai without a master.

Combat Mechanics and Challenges

Learning the Ropes of Combat

The Rise of the Ronin combat system mixes fast action, similar to what you’d find in “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” and “Ghost of Tsushima,” focusing on blocking and smart counterattacks.

But it also introduces something new called Countersparks.

This feature adds an extra challenge because it requires you to time your moves perfectly and understand how the enemies behave.

At first, this can be tricky and annoying, but as you get better at it, it becomes more enjoyable and satisfying.

Tactical Fighting with Martial Attacks and Allies

Combat in the game is not just about swordplay; it also involves making smart choices, like picking the right fighting style for different enemies and working well with allies during battles.

These parts of the game make each fight feel like a puzzle, where you need to think quickly and plan your moves carefully to win.

World Exploration and Secondary Activities

Even though the main story and fighting system are engaging, Rise of the Ronin has some older-style open-world features that you might see in games from the early 2010s.

The game world includes a lot of repetitive tasks and random events that can make the game feel less exciting.

However, the Bond missions focus more on the story, and the main quests are much more interesting, offering a better rhythm and more exciting challenges.

Final Verdict: A Rewarding Journey Worth the Effort

Rise of the Ronin is a game that requires a lot of patience and effort, especially because its fighting system is complicated and it starts off slow.

But if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with a deep and exciting story, strong connections with the characters, and a fighting system that gets more exciting the more you play.

Although the game isn’t perfect and has some downsides, the good parts definitely outshine the not-so-good ones, making it a rewarding game for those who really get into it.

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