Dragon’s Dogma 2 Patch Update: Major Dragonsplague Changes

Capcom is preparing to release an important update for Dragon’s Dogma 2, focusing on the challenging Dragonsplague.

This patch comes in response to player feedback, aiming to adjust the frequency and recognizability of this affliction to improve the gameplay experience.

The upcoming patch will decrease the occurrence of Dragonsplague, addressing community feedback about its overbearing impact.
Changes include more visible symptoms for infected Pawns, such as glowing eyes, helping players to react before it's too late.
Pawns will exhibit smarter behavior, with reduced chances of accidents like falling off cliffs and improved dialogue relevance.

Capcom Announces a Patch to Address the Challenging Dragonsplague

Capcom plans to release an important update for Dragon’s Dogma 2 to address the challenging Dragonsplague issue that has been a significant problem for players.

This condition affects the behavior of Pawns, integral companions in the game, making them act unpredictably and can severely impact gameplay.

The new patch will reduce the frequency of this affliction and make it easier to recognize before it escalates into a major problem.

Key Changes in the Upcoming Patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2

Reduction in Dragonsplague Frequency

The primary update in the forthcoming patch is the reduction of the Dragonsplague’s frequency. Players have reported that the curse is too severe, disrupting the gameplay experience.

In response, Capcom has planned to decrease how often Pawns contract Dragonsplague, aiming to balance the challenge without removing the threat entirely.

Enhanced Visibility of Symptoms

Another critical aspect of the update is the improved visibility of symptoms when Pawns are afflicted with Dragonsplague.

For instance, infected Pawns will now exhibit glowing eyes, making it easier for players to identify and respond to the affliction before it leads to severe consequences​.

Improved Pawn Behavior and Interaction

In addition to addressing Dragonsplague, the patch will enhance overall Pawn behavior.

Adjustments include making Pawns less likely to fall off cliffs and refining their dialogue lines to better match the context of interactions.

These changes are designed to improve the reliability and realism of Pawns, enhancing the player’s experience with their AI companions​​.

Community Response and Impact of the Patch

The gaming community has shown a mix of anticipation and relief about the upcoming adjustments.

These changes are expected to alleviate some of the frustrations related to Dragonsplague, potentially leading to a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Capcom’s Commitment to Enhancing Dragon’s Dogma 2

Capcom’s decision to update the game in response to community feedback showcases their commitment to improving the player experience in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

By addressing the frequency and visibility of Dragonsplague and refining Pawn interactions, the upcoming patch is set to significantly enhance gameplay dynamics and increase player satisfaction.

Players are looking forward to these changes, hoping to refine the challenges posed by Dragonsplague and improve engagement with the game’s unique Pawn system.

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