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You What?

Serious eaters from here to Kankakee welcome
the disaggregation of religion into irreducible
chips, dot dot dot. Carsick in Canada you can
feel it coming up. You can feel it coming.
Something will turn up. You’ll notice something
going on, nasty impact, a bit chewed under.
How modern we were! For people in high school
across the region of the Canadian peninsula,
that’s when we activate the bases. How he got into
the apartment is anyone’s guess, and no one’s.
Shooting stars dodge the Hubble’s perimeter.
Nobody tells dogs how to behave, people either.
What’s needed is a priest, or lacking that a raincoat.
Let’s all be in a fuzzy argument.
It comes to some fanciful verbal frottage or tegument.
Times sure were bleak then but we loved a ragged stranger.

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