Smidh is the Technical Consultant and Web & Software Developer of Culture. He has more than 7 years of web development experience and also has developed many software applications. Aside from learning new tech stuff, he also loves to listen to music. He is also very outdoorsy as he loves camping and other outdoor activities.

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An Interview with Doseone Copy

Adam Drucker, better known by the alias Doseone, has said his initial attraction to rap was as much about the “persona/ego projection” as a love of words. Drucker cut his teeth on the rap-battle circuit, exchanging rhymes with Eminem and other MCs, until his friendships with like-minded musicians led to the creation of the Anticon collective/record label, which fuses hip-hop to indie rock, ambient music, poetry, and experimental noise.Although Drucker has recorded several solo albums, his primary efforts have been…

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