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Discovering Ancient Wonders: 5,000 Year Old Tomb Found in Scotland

Discover the story of the remarkable discovery of a 5,000 year old tomb in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, with exclusive details on the skeletons and artifacts found within.

The tomb, dating back 5,000 years, was discovered after a three-week-long excavation on the Orkney Islands.
Archaeologists found 14 articulated skeletons along with other human remains and artifacts, providing a rich source of historical knowledge.
Despite its near destruction in the 19th century, enough of the tomb has survived, allowing experts to piece together its size, form, and construction.

China and Philippines Team Up to Fight Illegal Offshore Gambling

China and the Philippines are collaborating to fight illegal offshore gambling operations. This cooperation aims to enforce laws and improve bilateral relations.

China assists the Philippines in shutting down three illegal gambling zones and sends almost 400 Chinese nationals back home.
Both nations call for stronger action to root out crimes connected to Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).
The partnership aims to protect the law and improve relations between the two countries.
China Joins Hands with Philippines to……

Kim Kardashian AHS Style as Clueless Cher

Kim Kardashian and daughter North West turn heads with their stunning Clueless-themed Halloween costumes. See their fabulous portrayal of Cher and Dionne.

Kim Kardashian and North West dressed as Cher and Dionne from the '90s hit movie "Clueless" for Halloween.
The mother-daughter duo showcased their costumes on Instagram, featuring a white Jeep and spot-on '90s fashion.
Cher and Dionne's styles remain a popular choice for Halloween costumes, reflecting their lasting impact on fashion.
Kim Kardashian and North West Transform……

The Last of Us Part II Remastered on PS5 – Launching Jan 19, 2024

Discover the enhanced PS5 experience of The Last of Us Part II Remastered, releasing January 19, 2024. Enhanced graphics, new modes, and more await.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is set to launch on January 19, 2024, exclusively for PlayStation 5.
The game features enhanced graphics, a new Guitar Free Play mode, and the challenging No Return roguelike survival mode.
Includes comprehensive accessibility options and a special upgrade offer for PS4 version owners.
Embark on Ellie and……

Kusama’s Hint Triggers 10T SHIB Coin Movement

Discover how Shiba Inu’s massive coin transfers follow the lead developer’s message to the community. Get the latest on SHIB’s market moves and more.

Two huge transfers of Shiba Inu coins, each over 4 trillion, were made after the SHIB lead developer's message.
Despite the large transfers of SHIB coins, there has been no significant impact on the market price.
The transactions took place during the Halloween season, coinciding with festive greetings from the SHIB team.
Massive Shiba Inu Coin……

Emerging Artists Shine at 2023 ADAA Art Show Highlights

Catch the highlights of the 2023 ADAA Art Show where midsize galleries present the work of emerging stars. Discover the top booths and unseen masterpieces.

The 2023 ADAA Art Show in New York champions emerging artists, offering a platform for under-recognized talent distinct from the larger art fairs.
Visitors to the Park Avenue Armory experience a curated selection of 78 exhibitors, highlighting a mix of contemporary artworks and sculptures.
Notable booths feature artists such as Peter Bradley and Kurt Kauper, presenting works that range from vibrant sculptures to thought-provoking paintings.
Showcasing Hidden Gems:……

San Diego’s Vibrant Arts Scene: Lightscape, Punk Music, and More

Discover San Diego’s weekend arts events featuring ‘Lightscape’ at Botanic Gardens, teen punk band The Linda Lindas, and unique food art exhibits.

Experience the magical 'Lightscape' at San Diego Botanic Gardens, illuminating the holidays with a one-mile trail of artistically arranged lights.
Catch the all-teen girl punk sensation, The Linda Lindas, performing live at Observatory North Park.
Explore 'Cosecha,' a unique food art exhibit at Mesa College Art Gallery, showcasing edible sculptures and performance art.
Dazzling Lights and Festive Spirit at……

Discover Jamaica: Unique Caribbean Escape for Winter 2023!

Discover why Jamaica is now the leading Caribbean destination for UK travelers with its record-breaking tourism growth, cultural experiences, and new flight options.

Jamaica experiences a significant 69.2% increase in UK tourist arrivals, with earnings surpassing US $2 billion in the first half of 2023.
New sustainability-focused accommodations and cultural immersion opportunities enrich Jamaica's tourist offerings.
Increased flight accessibility includes a new Norse airline service, with Jamaica ensuring continued growth and appeal for UK travelers.
A Surge in Visitors Marks……

OpenAI’s Legal Support vs. Anthropic’s User Responsibility

Explore the contrasting approaches of OpenAI and Anthropic towards AI-generated copyright issues, including legal support and user responsibility. 

OpenAI's Promise to Cover Legal Fees: OpenAI commits to paying legal costs for customers facing copyright claims related to AI-generated content.
Anthropic's Stance on User Responsibility: Contrasting OpenAI, Anthropic emphasizes that users are responsible for any copyright infringement in their AI-generated content.
The Broader Implications: The ongoing legal battles and differing company policies highlight significant questions regarding copyright and liability in the age of AI.
OpenAI’s Supportive Stance in Legal Disputes 2023 saw artificial intelligence……

Explore Minnesota’s Top Attractions: A Traveler’s Guide

Embark on a journey through Minnesota’s diverse landscapes and cultural highlights, from the Boundary Waters to urban art havens. 

Experience the serene wilderness at Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
Admire global art collections at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Embrace the natural beauty along Lake Superior's North Shore.
A Diverse Journey Through Minnesota’s Landscapes and Culture Minnesota,……

Gray Wielebinski’s ICA Show: Sci-Fi Meets Art in London

Explore Gray Wielebinski’s unique art show ‘The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low’ at the ICA London, blending sci-fi with contemporary issues.

Gray Wielebinski's exhibition 'The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low' combines sci-fi themes with political and environmental issues.
The show features interactive installations and artwork that challenge traditional power structures and envision a post-apocalyptic future.
Wielebinski's work incorporates elements of queerness and intimacy, proposing a new model of community in times of crisis.
A Sci-Fi Journey Through Art……

‘Nevermore’ Musical Enchants Engle Lane

Join the riveting musical journey through Edgar Allan Poe’s life at Engle Lane. Experience his verse come alive in a show of art, light, and song.

"Nevermore" musical celebrates the life of Edgar Allan Poe with a captivating blend of his poetry and life story.
Directed by Nik Frig, the show features a talented cast and is a highlight of the Community Players of Streator's 2023 Signature Series.
Performances scheduled from November 9-12, with tickets available online and at the door for a hauntingly memorable experience.
“Nevermore” Brings……

Artbox 2024: Feast on Global Food Art & Culture

Experience the global expansion of Artbox in 2024. Enjoy a diverse fusion of food, art, and cultural festivities with innovative activities.

Artbox returns in 2024 with an 'Avenue' theme, promising an international blend of street culture and vibrant activities.
The Singapore Expo Hall 6 transforms into a 105,000-square-foot urban wonderland with a variety of 'streets' and 'avenues' representing different countries.
Partnership with SGAG brings new challenges like The Beam of Sia Lah Damn Pain, alongside over 100 F&B stalls offering a feast of flavors.
Artbox’s Triumphant Comeback Singapore welcomes back Artbox,……

Rediscovering Hawaii’s Archaeological Heritage in 2023 Edition

Dive into ancient Hawaii with the expanded 2023 edition of Feathered Gods and Fishhooks, revealing new archaeological findings and insights. 

The 2023 edition of "Feathered Gods and Fishhooks" presents a comprehensive update to Hawaiian archaeological history, incorporating recent decades of research.
Notable revelations include an adjusted arrival date for Polynesians in Hawaii, the diverse purposes of heiau, and the impact of extensive dryland farming.
This volume interweaves archaeological data with indigenous Hawaiian oral histories, offering a detailed portrayal of Hawaii's historical transformation.
Revisiting the Rich Archaeological History of Ancient Hawaii……

Jung Kook Reveals Insights on Solo Album ‘Golden’ to Fans

Dive into Jung Kook’s journey creating his ‘Golden’ solo album, the ARMY’s anticipated favorite track, and his growth as a solo artist.

Jung Kook shares insights from his solo album 'Golden' and the unique experience of creating music on his own.
Fans of BTS, known as ARMY, are expected to favor the track "Standing Next to You" from Jung Kook's album.
'Golden' marks a milestone for Jung Kook as he steps out as a solo artist while BTS members fulfill military service duties.
Jung Kook Reveals His Solo Journey……

Art Vandalism Across History – Infamous Acts & Their Impact

Explore the motivations and stories behind infamous acts of art vandalism, including political protests and personal statements. 

Vandalism of famous artworks is often a form of protest or a statement, ranging from political to personal motivations.
Notable historical acts of vandalism include attacks on artworks like the Byzantine icons, Velázquez's "Rokeby Venus", and Michelangelo's "Pietà".
Despite strict security and conservation efforts, even revered masterpieces like Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" and Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" have not been immune to vandalism.
The Political and Personal Drivers of Art Vandalism What drives an……

Eco-Friendly Travel Top Tips & U.S. Green Destinations

Discover how to travel with a light environmental touch. Read on for top sustainable destinations and tips to help you save money and the planet.

Choose energy-efficient transport like trains and public transit to reduce your carbon footprint and save on travel costs.
Opt for eco-friendly accommodations and practice resource conservation to enhance sustainability while lodging.
Support local economies and minimize waste by purchasing functional souvenirs from local artisans.
Exploring the World……

Essential Guide to Thanksgiving 2023 – Facts & Traditions

Thanksgiving 2023 insights from historical myths to current trends, and everything in between. Dive into the holiday’s facets this Nov 23.

Discover the historical timeline and myths surrounding the first Thanksgiving and its journey to becoming a national holiday.
Explore what was traditionally eaten at the first Thanksgiving and how it compares to what we serve today.
Learn about the 2023 trends, from inflation-conscious meal planning to the most successful Thanksgiving movies.
The History and Myths of Thanksgiving As……

Joan Collins on Monroe News: A Hollywood Memoir

Dive into Joan Collins’ journey in Hollywood, facing ‘wolves’ and challenges, as revealed in her new memoir, “Behind the Shoulder Pads.”

Joan Collins shares a warning from Marilyn Monroe about Hollywood's 'wolves' in her memoir.
Recounts personal encounters with Hollywood's predatory culture, including casting couch experiences.
Collins' resilience against industry challenges, maintaining her passion for acting despite adversities.
Hollywood’s Hidden Realities: Joan Collins’ Early Experiences……

Christie’s Art Auction Triumphs with $640.8M Sets Six Records

Christie’s recent 20th-century art auction in New York achieved a staggering $640.8M, setting new records for six artists amidst enthusiastic bidding.

Christie's New York's 20th-century art auction garnered a massive $640.8 million, setting auction records for artists Botero, Diebenkorn, Gorky, Hepworth, Mitchell, and Snyder.
The auction, marked by enthusiastic bidding and six rounds of applause, was dominated by American collectors and witnessed Jussi Pylkkänen's last auction before retirement.
Major sales included Monet's "Le Bassin aux nymphéas" at $74 million, Bacon's "Figure in Movement" at $52.2 million, and a record-setting piece by Fernando Botero at $5.1 million.
Energetic Bidding and Auction Records Define Christie’s……

Thanksgiving Getaways: Luxe Hotel Feasts & Fun

Discover stress-free thanksgiving celebrations in hotels across the USA, offering feasts, parades, and family fun. Secure your spot for a holiday to remember!

Indulge in thanksgiving without the hassle at luxurious hotels offering feasts and festivities.
Experience unique thanksgiving traditions, from turkey trots to holiday parades, at iconic resorts.
Book your stay early to enjoy a stress-free holiday with family-friendly activities and gourmet meals.
Indulge in a Thanksgiving Feast……

Busy Thanksgiving Travel: Highways Packed and Air Travel Peaks

Expect crowded roads and record air travel this Thanksgiving. Over 55 million to travel, with airports bracing for all-time highs. Get insights and tips here.

Anticipated to be the busiest Thanksgiving period in years with 55.4 million travelers.
Air travel hit record numbers, with over 3 million seats flown the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
Best travel times: Wednesday morning and Sunday morning to avoid peak traffic.
The Great Thanksgiving……

Tune in for America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade Live!

Join the excitement of America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade on WCVB Channel 5 or stream it on Very Local. Don’t miss this celebrated tradition!

Tune in to WCVB Channel 5 or stream on Very Local for live coverage of the "America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration" on Saturday, November 18 from 10 AM to 12 PM.
Join the nation with WCVB’s national broadcast of the parade in 24 markets, featuring local hosts, special guests, and a tribute to U.S. veterans.
Get easy streaming access on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more with the Very Local app to watch the parade live or on-demand.
Join the Live Broadcast of……

Genesis Báez in Whitney’s ‘Trust Me’: A Tale of Intimacy and Art

Discover the inspiring story of Genesis Báez, a talented photographer whose work on intimacy and connection has made it to New York’s prestigious Whitney Museum.

Genesis Báez and her best friend Jenny Calivas initially showcased their work in a small Brooklyn studio, which unexpectedly caught the attention of curators from the Whitney Museum.
Báez's art explores complex themes like intimacy, vulnerability, and the sense of belonging, often featuring her own family as subjects.
The Whitney's 'Trust Me' exhibit not only highlights Báez's individual work but also celebrates her long-standing friendship and creative partnership with Calivas.
A Small Show……

Food Art or Unique Culinary Adventure – Sonoma County’s TOWN Event Series

Explore the best of Sonoma County with TOWN, a series of monthly themed dinners featuring fine wine, exquisite food, and captivating art. 

Each event in the TOWN series boasts a unique theme, providing a fresh and immersive experience every month.
TOWN collaborates with top-tier local hotels and esteemed wineries, ensuring a premium experience for all attendees.
Enjoy specially crafted menus that highlight the seasonal bounty of Sonoma County, perfectly paired with exceptional local wines.
Sonoma’s Hidden Gems: TOWN’s Wine, Food,……

Rodin’s Art Exhibit in Oklahoma City – Last Chance to Explore

Don’t miss out on the final day to immerse yourself in Auguste Rodin’s world of Impressionist sculptures at Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Final day to explore "True Nature: Rodin and the Age of Impressionism" in Oklahoma City.
The exhibit features a wide range of Rodin's works, from hopeful to unsettling.
The Museum also offers other attractions like the Dale Chihuly exhibit.
A Journey to Appreciate Auguste……

Skill Games Stir Debate in Nebraska: Are They Fair to Casinos?

Skill games in Nebraska spark debate. Are they unregulated gambling or fair business? We explore both sides.

Unregulated skill games in Nebraska are causing worry about potential gambling addiction and tax evasion.
Casinos argue that it's unfair they have to pay $5 million for a license while skill game operators pay just $250.
Businesses claim that revenue from skill games helps pay competitive wages and benefits to employees.
Why Are Skill Games So Controversial? In Nebraska, a debate is……

Mona Lisa’s Secret ➤ Leonardo da Vinci’s Technique FINALLY Discovered

Scientists use X-ray tech to discover Leonardo da Vinci’s unique painting technique for the Mona Lisa, giving new insight into the master’s creativity.

Scientists use X-rays to study a tiny piece of the Mona Lisa, discovering a special compound called plumbonacrite.
The find confirms that Leonardo da Vinci used a unique recipe for the base layer of the painting.
The discovery adds to the understanding of Leonardo as a daring and creative artist.
Groundbreaking Discovery Reveals Leonardo da……

Art Across America: A Journey Through Museums and Galleries

Explore U.S. art exhibitions this season, showcasing artist influences and societal themes. From New York to Honolulu, discover art that tells a story.

Museums and galleries across the U.S. are putting the spotlight on the influence of artists on each other and their communities.
The exhibitions feature a range of art forms, from traditional paintings to modern installations, touching upon themes like visibility, community, and social issues.
These art shows not only offer a visual treat but also provide deep insights into contemporary societal impacts and historical contexts.
New York City: A Hotspot……

Roll-Call: The 2023 Faculty Art Show at UWF

Discover the latest in art and design at the University of West Florida’s ‘Roll-Call: 2023 Faculty Exhibition’. From Oct 19 to Dec 8, explore a diverse range of artwork by……