Oda & Mackenyu’s Friendship Through “One Piece” Cards

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of “One Piece,” and Mackenyu, who plays Zoro in the live-action adaptation, formed an unexpected friendship.

Eiichiro Oda, the celebrated mangaka behind "One Piece," invited Mackenyu, who portrays Roronoa Zoro in the live-action adaptation, to his house for a card game.
A humorous text from Oda to Mackenyu inviting him for another round of card games went viral.
Despite his fame, Oda's passion for manga and his humble, approachable demeanor have made him an inspirational figure in the manga and anime community.

The Beginning of a Unique Friendship

Eiichiro Oda, the legendary creator behind the global manga phenomenon “One Piece,” has always been known for his dedication and passion for his work. His comic has sold more than 523.2 million copies worldwide, becoming a big deal in comics and anime. Even though he’s really successful, Oda is still a pretty humble and easy-to-talk-to person. This cool attitude of his led to a cool new friendship with Mackenyu, the actor who plays Roronoa Zoro in the live-action adaptation version of “One Piece.”

The Card Game Invitation

One evening, Oda invited Mackenyu to his home for dinner. Before they even started eating, they decided to play some “One Piece” card games, which really showed off how much Oda likes to have fun. This laid-back hangout was more than just playing games for the evening; it really showed how easy-going and friendly Oda is.

The Hilarious Text

After their game session, Oda sent Mackenyu a text showcasing his whimsical humor. He wrote, “I’m free today. You can come to my house to play. If you are going to come, please reply. If not, just leave it on read.” This text, which sounds like something a character from “One Piece” would say, made Mackenyu and the fans laugh. It shows the fun and friendly way Oda interacts with the people he works with, making their relationship feel real and warm.

Oda’s Work Ethic and Love for Manga

Oda started drawing comics when he was young because he loved comics so much. His comic “One Piece” became super famous and made him a big name in the comic world. But even with all that fame, Oda stays humble and keeps things real regarding his comics and talking to fans. He works really hard, often staying up late to make sure “One Piece” is the best it can be, showing how much he cares about his work and the people who love it.

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