Top New Music Hits: Grande, Carey, Vampire Weekend, Dua Lipa

Dive into this week’s top new music releases featuring Ariana Grande & Mariah Carey’s collaboration, Vampire Weekend’s return, and Dua Lipa’s latest hit. Discover the latest tracks shaking up the music scene.

Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey's "Yes, And?" remix wins fans over Garnering nearly 73% of the vote​.
With their new singles "Capricorn" and "Gen-X Cops," Vampire Weekend returns to their experimental roots.
Following a tease at the GRAMMYs, Dua Lipa officially released "Training Season," capturing 13% of the fan vote and securing the second spot in this week's music poll​.

Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey’s “Yes, And?” Remix Takes the Lead

The “Yes, And?” remix by Ariana Grande featuring Mariah Carey has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, securing nearly 73% of votes in a Billboard poll as this week’s most celebrated release. This collaboration showcases both artists’ exceptional vocal talents and marks a memorable moment in music for 2024.

Vampire Weekend Returns

After nearly half a decade, Vampire Weekend has graced their fans with new music, releasing twin singles “Capricorn” and “Gen-X Cops.” These tracks have been praised for their return to the band’s playful experimentation, reminiscent of their 2013 classic, “Modern Vampires of the City.” The gentle delivery by Ezra Koenig serves as a bridge, uniting different factions of Vampire Weekend enthusiasts.

Dua Lipa’s Latest Offering

Dua Lipa has officially dropped “Training Season,” a track that has been teased in her recent GRAMMYs performance. The song is part of a lineup of new music that includes entries from Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Karol G, among others. Dua Lipa’s new release adds to the diverse musical landscape of this week, showcasing her unique style and talent.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Milestone

Jennifer Lopez has released her new album, “This Is Me…Now,” marking her first studio album in nearly a decade. This release and its accompanying documentary film “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story” explores Lopez’s 20-year journey to self-love. The documentary is set to premiere on Prime Video, offering fans an in-depth look at the artist’s creative process and personal growth.

How to Stream

These new tracks and albums are available across major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Fans can easily access their favorite tunes and explore the latest in music from their preferred artists.

This week’s fresh tunes show how music keeps changing, bringing together different kinds of music, ways to make music, and team-ups that reach out to all kinds of music fans. The heartfelt teaming up of Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey, the fresh beats from Vampire Weekend, and the catchy pop songs from Dua Lipa make this a big week for anyone who loves music all over the world.

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