Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Confirms Advent Children’s Canon Role

Explore how Final Fantasy VII Rebirth integrates the iconic Advent Children into its storyline, ensuring the CGI film’s events remain canonical within the remake trilogy.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase confirms Advent Children's events are part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy narrative​​​​.
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces new mechanics like synergy attacks and open-world exploration, adding depth to the gameplay​​​​.
A director’s cut of Advent Children hits theaters, linking the CGI film closely with the Final Fantasy VII saga ahead of Rebirth's launch​​.

Is Advent Children Still Canon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Yes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth producer Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that Advent Children remains canonical within the remake trilogy despite potential timeline variations. The remake trilogy, which began with Final Fantasy VII Remake, introduces some changes to the original story but ultimately aims to maintain a narrative that aligns with Advent Children. Kitase highlighted the intention to link the events of Rebirth with those of Advent Children, ensuring they fit within the same universe​​​​.

The Role of Advent Children in the Remake Trilogy

Advent Children, originally released in 2005 as a CGI film sequel to the original Final Fantasy VII, has been a subject of debate among fans regarding its place in the remake’s narrative. The development team is focused on preserving the essence of the original “Final Fantasy 7” narrative while introducing fresh revisions and elements to maintain interest and avoid staleness. The aim is to ensure that the storyline leads seamlessly into “Advent Children” without making drastic modifications that would deviate from the original vision​​.

New Gameplay Features in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth aims to expand the original game’s scope by introducing new gameplay mechanics, including revamped battle systems with synergy attacks, an open-world exploration model, and the addition of minigames and swimming. The game will also feature new playable characters, such as Cait Sith and Vincent, enhancing the depth and diversity of the player’s experience​​​​.

Theatrical Re-Release of Advent Children

After Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s release, Advent Children received a limited theatrical re-run, showcasing a director’s cut version titled Advent Children Complete. This version, 26 minutes longer than the original, features about a thousand revised scenes with expanded themes and improved visuals. The re-release allowed fans to revisit the film and its significance to the Final Fantasy VII saga, further bridging the connection between the original game, the film, and the remake trilogy​​.

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