An Interview with Ashida Kim

The Black Dragon Fighting Society’s leader, Ashida Kim, is also known as Chris Hunter, who resides in Lake Alfred, Florida. This has sparked heated debates on the internet over his true identity and combat qualifications.

Frank Dux, who has allegedly taught Jean-Claude Van Damme the kuji kiri, labels Kim a “renegade and a threat”. Others completely dismiss him as a fake. Personally, I’m not even sure what kuji kiri is.

The titles alone are enough to pique interest:

  •  Secrets of the Ninja
  •  Hands of Death
  •  Forbidden Fighting Techniques
  •  Secrets of the Jade Bedroom
  •  Ninja Way of the Spider
  •  Deadly Grip of the Ninja
  •  Cloak of Invisibility
  •  Dancing Ninja Masters

X-Rated Dragon Lady and Infiltration and Assassination Techniques. Clearly, these books are a must-read.

It is worth noting that the Ninja Way of the Spider includes directions for the Spider Sting Delayed Death Touch. Also, X-Rated Dragon Lady provides you with strategies on how to use clothing removal to your advantage, but is limited to individuals eighteen years of age and older.

 Additionally, several of these publications can be seen as videos and/or e-books.

As I spoke with the interviewee over the phone, the sun was rising on a Thursday morning. The chirping of sparrows outside my kitchen window was a reminder that their lives were untouched by the idea of ninjas.

 I began to consider whether a world without ninjas was a better one, or a less meaningful one.

As I sat there, I couldn’t help but think to myself, why did Mr. Kim want to call me? It was almost comical to me; a true ninja would never own a phone, let alone give out their number so easily.

— Horowitz, Eli

It has been stated by Eli Horowitz that …

The individual in question has been attempting to establish their own ninja dojo, correct?

ASHIDA KIM: We have been endeavoring to establish a temple that will remain permanent. We had a man in Australia who was ready to secure some land for us, but the war got in the way and has been a hindrance ever since.

When all is said and done, the notion of the thirty-sixth Chamber is analogous to the Shaolin Temple: thirty-five chambers of learning and when the student graduated, they ventured out into the world as the thirty-sixth chamber.

In that way, the entire world is their temple and their body is their temple. Symbolically, at least, it doesn’t need a building, but we want a place to establish an obstacle course and battle games.

BLVR: Before deciding to work as a writer and educator, what sort of assignments had you been involved in?

When I had the opportunity to work for the government and teach indigenous staff, I experienced a few instances of being denied the money that I was promised. The CIA appears to have a mentality that everyone is disposable, with the exception of themselves.

They will send someone with a message to the opposition, despite the risk of them being captured, tortured, or even killed, just for the sake of the enemy having this false message. They act like any other corporation when it comes down to not paying out.

BLVR: What events shaped your writing of The Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim?

The Black Dragon Fighting Society had a club in Maine that was certified as a karate school and a few people were sent up there for seminars.

The feedback from them was not good and so AK went to investigate and discovered that it was actually a form of sadistic brothel disguised as a karate school.

The female students were appointed as bodyguards for these unnamed guest instructors, which did not make sense since it was a karate school.

During the night, the girls would go to a bar and have sexual encounters and there was a lot of unnecessary brutality within the teaching of the techniques.

I had decided to terminate my membership, but some people said, “You won’t be able to–once you’re in, you can’t be kicked out, no matter what you do.

Others have committed much more serious offences and still been accepted into the group.” I responded, “I sanctioned this individual. He is managing a brothel and treating people harshly. I am not going to accept that kind of behaviour.”

They thought I was not properly understanding the situation, so they sent me to South Africa to gain a better perspective by working in a brothel.

BLVR: To gain an internal perspective?

AK explained that the project they were a part of was indeed beneficial to many people in South Africa during a time of unrest. Without the job opportunities they provided, many of the girls would have gone hungry.

To ensure no one was taken advantage of, they took it upon themselves to deal with anyone who tried to do so.

As I had previously mentioned, we were able to accomplish something advantageous down there, even though it may not have been completely legitimate. During my stay, I encountered several individuals and had the chance to learn some intriguing practices.

One person I met was an Indian and he had some remarkable methods.

BLVR: Aside from The Amorous Adventures, what other books have you written? Is there one in particular that you are most proud of?

AK stated that Ninja Mind Control is an excellent way to learn how to be self-sufficient, which is a primary objective of this initiative.

BLVR: Is that one more pertinent to the average individual?

AK suggested that it is more beneficial for people to learn how to relax than to learn how to surprise their foes. He further noted that in the process of mastering such a skill, it is pivotal to learn how to calm down first.

Ultimately, AK concluded that a great way to help others is to provide them with methods of self-healing and to instruct them how to find peace amidst the chaos of life.

BLVR: So, in your opinion, these books are instructing readers on how to lead a successful life, not just how to be a ninja?

AK mentions that the concept is to be in tune with nature, to go with the flow instead of trying to force something to happen. One should create a ripple rather than a wave that can potentially break the boat.

Utilizing a small amount of force, if any, is the best way to maintain a functioning order.

Is it difficult for ninjas to maintain an atmosphere of friendliness and peace while still engaging in their secretive and often violent profession?

AK commented that it is possible to do a range of activities without being seen if one is in-tune with nature.

He went on to emphasize that although it may appear that he spends much of his time honing his skills with weapons, cross-stepping and the like, these can be picked up relatively quickly. The main challenge, he said, lies in deciding where to use them.

When hunting, I employ the strategy of being noiseless and staying downwind. In public, I make use of the method of passing through a crowd without interruption from others.

It is a skill of blending in with the hectic environment, rather than just mastering the art of sneaking around. With the correct mindset, it is not a difficult task to accomplish–all that is necessary is the motivation to do it.

BLVR: What project are you currently engaged in?

AK has been diligently writing a few books. Recently, he completed a ninja first-aid book that focused on how to revive the person after being choked out. Just like the Dragon Lady books, he expected the first-aid book to be a hit, but it hasn’t been.

I find constructing these little books to be like solving a crossword puzzle. It’s a source of amusement for me. But when they’re sent out, it’s like dispatching a message in a bottle. One can never be sure who receives them, or what kind of an impact they make.

Sometimes, I receive inquiries about my qualifications, and on other occasions, I have people writing in to thank me for my work, saying that they have benefited from it.

BLVR: Are there many individuals who first read the books and then request to be sent on a mission?

AK: Yep. We often refer to the saying “Give someone a fish, they eat for a day, but teach them to fish, they’ll be able to feed themselves.” What we’re providing is the means for you to be able to defend yourself, and anything else you wish to do is totally up to you.

James Bond is a perfect example of someone who takes care of himself in the world of espionage. He finances his entire mission through gambling, as opposed to relying on the British government for his monetary needs.

The Black Dragon Fighting Society works the same way. It’s up to the individual to figure out how to make money off of their skills, rather than being given a paycheck. Being a spy means you’re on your own when it comes to money.

I would like to know more about the Black Dragon Fighting Society and your involvement with it. Could you explain that to me?

In the Sixties, Count Dante established the Black Dragon Fighting Society in the US. In 1968, I encountered him in Chicago while I was there for the Democratic Convention, with the intention of altering the planet.

I recently came across the story of Count Dante and he appears to be a fascinating individual.

I had no fondness for him; he wasn’t a friendly individual. But that was alright, since what he knew was profitable. I wanted to study his system, not to be his companion.

BLVR asked if, at the same time, the person they were talking about was a hairdresser.

AK stated that the man they were discussing owned a wig company and, according to his book, had invented the Playboy Bunny hairstyle.

It didn’t seem out of the ordinary to AK that the same person could be a hairstylist and a martial artist, just like the samurai who is masterful with the sword but also enjoys flower arranging. In AK’s opinion, it made sense, and it was also a great way to meet girls.

What type of activities does the society engage in?

AK discussed the Black Dragon Fighting Society, which was previously known as the Black Dragon Tong of Retribution and other names. He proposed that it was formed to maintain knowledge that potentially originated with the lost civilization of Atlantis.

He also suggested that in bygone times, the star Sigma Draconis was the polestar, and now that it has shifted to Polaris, the planet is in a state of wobble. This is why, according to AK, there can be polar shifts and cataclysmic events at 43,000 year intervals.

The name “Black Dragon” came from the fact that Sigma Draconis, the former polestar, is now obscured, hence it is “black”.

Unlike the army, where individuals typically sit in the office and follow a set training routine, the Black Dragon Fighting Society does not follow a similar pattern. It is possible, however, that this could change in the future.

BLVR: There are definitely individuals who are quite worried about if you are genuine. Do you have to confront a large amount of that?

AK commented that there is always a lot of disagreement and criticism, and that in the end, it usually comes down to envy. He noted that there are those who will talk up a storm without ever having seen any of his fights, but that one of his bouts is recorded and looks good.

He also suggested that a lot of people just don’t want to believe he can actually do anything, and that they have their minds made up.

My motivation for learning Ninjitsu was to gain the ability to become invisible. My goal was to be unseen by my enemies so that they would not be able to land a hit on me. This martial art is the most non-violent as the first rule is to never be hit.

If you can, try to avoid being in a situation that would lead to you being struck. If there is no way for you to escape, do not block, parry, or deflect anything. Just get out of the way.

It’s not something that everyone would like to do.

Those who do enjoy fighting, however, must be allowed to do so.

People who feel they are tough because they are involved in the UFC and similar activities are within their rights, but they should remember that they may not be so bright when their fingers are broken, legs twisted and they are crippled in the years to come.

Breaking bricks with one’s bare hands is possible, but it is also necessary to practice the Needle Finger technique. Doing so will allow the index finger to become stiff and arthritic, like a pencil, making it useful for poking holes in other things.

The balance of things is in place, so ask yourself: Would you be willing to suffer a cost just to make an impression on someone who won’t be affected by how many bricks you can break?

BLVR: How did the people you mentioned result in you announcing the $10,000 Challenge?

AK stated that if someone wants to fight him, they need to provide a purse of $10,000 as well as pay for all of his expenses. He emphasized that the confrontation has to take place in a public setting in order to prevent people from falsely claiming they have beaten him up.

This measure helps to stop those who simply want to prove their strength.

When I ran a karate school, a large man entered and wanted to demonstrate his strength by fighting me. I pointed out to him that if he won, it would just be a large person beating up a small one, but if I won, he would be shamed and look foolish.

I asked if he’d rather be friends and have a beer or if he wanted to act like a fool. In the end, he chose to have a beer with me.

On occasion, people become overly energized and think they must demonstrate their strength and power by resorting to violence. However, this is simply a passing phase that can be overcome with a non-violent approach and a healthy dose of self-awareness.

Whenever I felt that way, I was humbled by someone else’s response. After a while, I came to understand that I was not as powerful as I initially believed. Yet, when I truly become angry, I can become quite formidable.

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The effects of global warming are becoming more and more evident each day. Rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels are just some of the signs of climate change that are increasingly seen.

Additionally, extreme weather events like droughts, floods, and storms are occurring more frequently as a result of the increased temperatures. Ultimately, these changes are having a significant impact on the environment and humanity as a whole.

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