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A picture of a sunset over an ocean can be seen, the sky is a mix of pink, orange, and purple tones. The horizon is illuminated by a brilliant glow, and the sea’s surface is reflecting the beautiful light.

The process of taking an existing text and altering its structure to produce a new version that retains the same message is known as paraphrasing.

This technique is commonly employed to avoid plagiarism, as it allows for a fresh approach to conveying the same information. Paraphrasing is a useful tool for ensuring that all written work is original and free from any duplication.

I ventured beyond a boundary, a limit, a barrier, a separation.

I waded across the strait between nothingness and desire, I shifted my body to the direction of the sun, I climbed out of a well of darkness and towards a faint glimmer, I felt I would be much better in a different place.

Thus I threw myself forward, yet I was not welcomed when I fell back to the ground, so I repeated the process every day for a chance of life.

The earth beneath me, a solid trampoline, and a voice in my throat telling me what I needed to survive in a pale area beside towering trees that dropped their helicopter-like fruits in the wind

. I believed in a promise that may be found on the other side of the imaginary line I was not in, like softer bread or a brighter tint in the sky.

A promise like an alternate version of myself with a different name and attitude, if I was to cross the border, the line, the threshold, the divide inscribed in my head.

Hence, I used my last few coins on documents and supplies, leaving my mother asleep in her seat as I rushed out the door made of air that the intensifying dust storm started to close, my faith in nothing but every breath I took, invisible to the eyes.



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