A Trip Through Yayoi Kusama’s Universe: ‘You, Me and the Balloons’ Exhibition in Manchester

Experience Yayoi Kusama’s wonderland at Manchester International Festival with her towering inflatables and a universe of polka dots. Uncover the art icon’s best in the last 30 years!

Manchester International Festival hosts 'You, Me and the Balloons', exhibiting Yayoi Kusama's celebrated inflatable artworks, including never-seen-before pieces in the UK.
The exhibition features iconic pieces such as the giant pumpkin, inflatable dolls, polka-dot spheres, and mirrored spaces, tailored specifically for Aviva Studios, a new venue by OMA.
The exhibition, open until August 28, 2023, will offer visitors a unique immersive experience in Kusama's psychedelic universe, including the large-scale inflatables and interactive installations.

Dive Into Yayoi Kusama’s Whimsical Universe at Manchester’s ‘You, Me and the Balloons’ Exhibition

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for an electrifying journey into Yayoi Kusama’s whimsical universe! This summer, Manchester International Festival’s ‘You, Me and the Balloons’ exhibition is offering a unique opportunity to see some of the most iconic inflatable artworks by the celebrated Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. Be prepared to be mesmerized by a selection of her extraordinary pieces, a bouquet of artistry spanning three long decades.

Unraveling Kusama’s Artistic Odyssey at Manchester’s Festival Ground

From her famed giant pumpkin to the enchanting polka-dot spheres, and from the hypnotic mirrored spaces to the larger-than-life inflatable dolls, each creation is a testament to Kusama’s passion for pushing boundaries. Many of these pieces, never seen before in the United Kingdom, make their grand debut in this special event. This grand spectacle is a sequel to her 2012 retrospective at the Tate Modern, standing today as the largest and most ambitious immersive show ever.

Visitors will find themselves immersed in Yayoi Kusama’s psychedelic universe, surrounded by her fantastical array of inflatable sculptures. In this stunning spectacle, behemoth inflatables reach up to over 10 meters in height, with others hanging from the lofty 21-meter ceilings, transporting guests into a world of imagination.

The Enigmatic Journey through Kusama’s World

Entering the exhibit is a journey in itself, starting with a tunnel that guides the entranced visitors to an intriguing maze-like installation called “The Hope of the Polka Dots Buried in Infinity will Eternally Cover the Universe (2019).” Further exploration will uncover the famed Dots Obsession series and the captivating infinity mirror rooms. The exhibition also hosts “Song of a Manhattan Suicide Addict (2007)” and a sneak peek of “Kusama’s inflatable Clouds (2023).”

In a recent statement, Kusama expressed her hope for visitors to the exhibition: “It would be interesting if people would experience the show as a wonderland. The experience of the scale is what’s important… Inflatable works expanded my creative means in terms of scale… It is not that I want to inspire a childlike awe or wonder, but to inspire through my genuine perception of the world.”

With a feast for the senses available until August 28, 2023, a whirlwind adventure into the heart of Yayoi Kusama’s world awaits you. Grab your tickets now and become part of the immersive journey that will take you across dimensions, challenging your perceptions and mesmerizing you in the most enchanting way possible!

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