Art Across America: A Journey Through Museums and Galleries

Explore U.S. art exhibitions this season, showcasing artist influences and societal themes. From New York to Honolulu, discover art that tells a story.

Museums and galleries across the U.S. are putting the spotlight on the influence of artists on each other and their communities.
The exhibitions feature a range of art forms, from traditional paintings to modern installations, touching upon themes like visibility, community, and social issues.
These art shows not only offer a visual treat but also provide deep insights into contemporary societal impacts and historical contexts.

New York City: A Hotspot for Diverse Art Forms

Henry Taylor: B Side at Whitney Museum of American Art

Henry Taylor’s retrospective in New York dives deep into his extensive career. His art often portrays the African American experience, featuring over 130 works ranging from paintings to sculptures.

Going Dark: Visibility and Perception at the Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is hosting a group show that questions how we see and are seen in society. The art pieces often feature figures that are partly hidden or obscured.

Vertigo of Color: Tracing Fauvism at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Discover how Henri Matisse and André Derain kickstarted the Fauvism art movement in 1905. Their colorful landscapes and portraits are must-see pieces at the Met.

West Coast Exhibitions: Community and History

Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living at Hammer Museum

This L.A. art show focuses on how art impacts communities and features works from 39 artists and collectives.

Imagined Fronts: World War I at LACMA

LACMA offers a unique look at how World War I was depicted by soldiers and civilians alike, featuring war posters, photographs, and art pieces.

Midwest and Beyond: From Fashion to Social Struggles

Degas and the Laundress at Cleveland Museum of Art

This exhibition takes you back to late 1800s Paris, focusing on the often-overlooked laundresses through Edgar Degas’s art.

Sarah Rosalena: In All Directions at Columbus Museum of Art

Indigenous artist Sarah Rosalena offers a fresh perspective on the universe through her unique craft techniques.

Regeneration: Black Cinema, 1898-1971 at Detroit Institute of Arts

This show spotlights the significant contributions of Black performers and filmmakers, despite the challenges they faced due to racism and prejudice.

Art is more than just a visual delight; it’s a reflection of society, history, and human relationships. This season, take a journey through America’s museums and galleries to discover how artists influence each other and the world around them.

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