Christie’s Art Auction Triumphs with $640.8M Sets Six Records

Christie’s recent 20th-century art auction in New York achieved a staggering $640.8M, setting new records for six artists amidst enthusiastic bidding.

Christie's New York's 20th-century art auction garnered a massive $640.8 million, setting auction records for artists Botero, Diebenkorn, Gorky, Hepworth, Mitchell, and Snyder.
The auction, marked by enthusiastic bidding and six rounds of applause, was dominated by American collectors and witnessed Jussi Pylkkänen's last auction before retirement.
Major sales included Monet's "Le Bassin aux nymphéas" at $74 million, Bacon's "Figure in Movement" at $52.2 million, and a record-setting piece by Fernando Botero at $5.1 million.

Energetic Bidding and Auction Records Define Christie’s Eventful Evening

In an electrifying display of art and affluence, Christie’s in New York hosted a remarkable sale that turned the evening into a celebration of 20th-century masterpieces, amassing an impressive total of $640.8 million. Not only did the sale achieve financial success, but it also elevated the works of six artists to new heights, creating auction records that underscored the enduring appeal of their artistry.

As the gavel fell and the bids flew, the sale unfolded over two and a half hours, an enduring testament to the magnetism of historic art. The presence of American art enthusiasts was particularly pronounced, their bids echoing through the room, contributing to the sale’s dynamism. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and culminated in multiple rounds of applause, a fitting tribute to the night’s successes and to auctioneer Jussi Pylkkänen’s final bow after a distinguished career.

Top Sales and Record-Breaking Achievements

The auction’s standout moments were many, with Claude Monet’s “Le Bassin aux nymphéas” leading the charge, fetching a staggering $74 million. Francis Bacon’s “Figure in Movement” followed, securing a sale of $52.2 million, while Richard Diebenkorn’s “Recollections of a Visit to Leningrad” not only fetched $46.4 million but also paid homage to the influence of Matisse.

A Night of Diverse Wins and Lasting Impressions

The evening was also a significant one for diversity in art, with women artists such as Joan Mitchell and Barbara Hepworth shattering previous records, their works selling for $29.2 million and $11.6 million, respectively. The excitement was palpable as these pieces found new homes, and the appreciation for their contributions to art history was abundantly clear.

The sale was a microcosm of the art world’s vitality, with Christie’s managing to create an event that resonated with the vibrancy of the past and the promise of the future. It was an auction that not only celebrated the artists and their works but also the very essence of collecting art itself.

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