Emerging Artists Shine at 2023 ADAA Art Show Highlights

Catch the highlights of the 2023 ADAA Art Show where midsize galleries present the work of emerging stars. Discover the top booths and unseen masterpieces.

The 2023 ADAA Art Show in New York champions emerging artists, offering a platform for under-recognized talent distinct from the larger art fairs.
Visitors to the Park Avenue Armory experience a curated selection of 78 exhibitors, highlighting a mix of contemporary artworks and sculptures.
Notable booths feature artists such as Peter Bradley and Kurt Kauper, presenting works that range from vibrant sculptures to thought-provoking paintings.

Showcasing Hidden Gems: The 2023 ADAA Art Show’s Finest Exhibits

At the heart of New York’s vibrant art scene, the ADAA Art Show stands out this year, spotlighting the creative works of artists still on the cusp of fame. Unlike its more established counterparts, the Armory Show and Frieze, the ADAA Art Show brings mid-size galleries into the limelight, each one showcasing the remarkable talents of artists who are just beginning to get their moment in the spotlight.

This year’s event, which kicked off with a special preview to support the Henry Street Settlement, was a treasure trove of new discoveries and understated artworks that were a delight to explore. The Park Avenue Armory was abuzz with art lovers meandering through the exhibits of 78 galleries, each member of the national association.

Exploring the Fair’s Most Captivating Booths

The fair, open until Sunday, presents a number of standout booths, but let’s dive into the six most captivating ones.

The Diverse Artistry of Peter Bradley

At the Karma booth, attendees were treated to the colorful and diverse works of Peter Bradley. Now in his 80s, Bradley, who is recognized for his groundbreaking racially integrated art exhibition in 1971, showcased his talent with several new paintings and sculptures, including a striking mixed-media yellow sculpture that captivated onlookers.

Kurt Kauper’s Unique Vision at Marc Selwyn Fine Art

Kurt Kauper’s work drew much attention, particularly a painting that portrays a nude Cary Grant in a pose that has only gotten more intriguing with time. His other piece, “Men in the Park,” flips traditional composition on its head, presenting a contemporary and thought-provoking scene that challenges viewers.

Charmion von Wiegand’s Abstract Legacy

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery’s booth shone with the abstract masterpieces of Charmion von Wiegand, whose career spanned from the 1940s to the 1970s. Her works, inspired by Mondrian’s theories, were beautifully complemented by the booth’s bright yellow carpet, enhancing their visual appeal.

Arvie Smith’s Reflective Narratives

Arvie Smith’s paintings at Monique Meloche’s booth reflect his thoughts on current world events and his perspectives on the future, with vivid imagery that includes cultural and political figures, presented with a blend of humor and gravity.

Tavares Strachan’s Homage to Historical Figures

Marian Goodman Gallery impressed with Tavares Strachan’s ceramic sculptures, which are part of his project to spotlight those omitted from historical records. These pieces also serve as a fusion of self-portraiture and tribute.

The Meditative Works of Taizo Kuroda

Finally, Yoshii’s booth offered a tranquil experience with the white porcelain works of the late Taizo Kuroda, showcasing “failed” experiments that, under his skilled craftsmanship, turned into objects of serene beauty.

The ADAA Art Show this year is a testament to the vibrant and diverse future of art, introducing us to the voices that will shape the art world in the years to come.

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