Top Tampa Bay Art Exhibitions in 2024: Discover Local and Historical Art Across Multiple Venues

Starting May 2024, Tampa Bay is hosting an array of exciting art shows that showcase a rich mix of history, culture, and innovation.

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary multimedia installations or historical artifacts, Tampa’s art scene has something for everyone.

Tampa Bay's art scene in 2024 features a range of exhibitions, from contemporary collaborative projects to historical explorations.
These exhibitions offer deep dives into various themes, including migration, science, and ancient cultures, making them interactive and educational.
Take advantage of free entry to the Tampa Museum of Art on International Museum Day to explore a variety of exhibits without a fee.

Skyway 2024: A Contemporary Collaboration

This exhibition will span multiple venues, including The Ringling, the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, the Sarasota Art Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art, and the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

The theme focuses on the boundless exploration and unity of artistic expression in the Tampa Bay region, featuring a diverse array of contemporary art, like paintings, sculptures, and multimedia presentations.

It will present works by 63 artists living and working in the region and aims to highlight the creativity of local artists.

The exhibition will be on view at The Ringling from May 25, 2024, through January 26, 2025.

Curatorial teams from each museum have collaborated to select the artworks, aiming to strengthen community connections through contemporary art.

Suchitra Mattai: Bodies and Souls

This exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art, opening on June 22, 2024, explores themes of migration, matriarchy, and materiality through the use of found objects like vintage saris.

Suchitra Mattai’s installations weave together historical and personal narratives, making this a deeply thematic and colorful display.​

Jennifer Steinkamp: Madame Curie

Scheduled for the summer of 2024 at the Tampa Museum of Art, this multi-channel video installation will delve into the life of Marie Curie, portrayed through floral and plant animations.

The work draws from Curie’s biography, especially her passion for gardening, creating a lush, immersive environment.​

The Art of Coptic Egypt

Beginning on September 20, 2024, at the Tampa Museum of Art, this exhibition will feature artifacts showcasing the material culture of early Christian Egypt.

It highlights how the Coptic community flourished under the Roman Empire, providing insights into their historical and cultural contexts.​

International Museum Day at Tampa Museum of Art

Celebrate on May 18, 2024, with free gallery admission. This event is part of a global initiative to highlight the societal roles of museums, enhancing public awareness and engagement.

Plan Your Visit to the Top Tampa Bay Art Exhibitions!

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Tampa Bay’s art offerings. Mark your calendars, invite friends, and plan a visit to these inspiring 2024 Tampa Bay art exhibitions.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these events promise enriching experiences that highlight the creativity and cultural diversity of Tampa Bay.

For more details on specific events and to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible, check directly with the museums and galleries. Join the celebration of art and culture in Tampa Bay!

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