Behind the Scenes: The Jay-Z Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library

Journey into the creation of the phenomenal Jay-Z Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library, a collaborative masterpiece symbolizing the rapper’s indomitable spirit.

The Jay-Z Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovative thinking, and a deep respect for the community.
The unique challenges posed by the library's structure sparked inventive solutions that pushed the boundaries of traditional exhibitions while preserving the spirit of a public library.
An element of surprise, coupled with a nostalgic journey through Jay-Z's career, offered visitors a unique experience, underscoring the rapper's enduring influence and universal appeal.

Journey of the Jay-Z Exhibit at Brooklyn Public Library

The craft behind the celebrated Jay-Z Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library tells a captivating tale of teamwork, innovation, and community spirit. Roc Nation joined forces with its trusted associates, including Tribe Inc, orchestrated by Bruce Rodgers, which has impressively produced 17 Super Bowls, and Ian Schatzberg’s General Idea Agency (GIA), a renowned brand design agency. Together, fueled by the invaluable insights from Jay-Z’s art dealer, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, and a host of other skilled professionals, the essence of The Book of HOV was brought to life.

Crafting a Narrative, Building Connections

Contrary to a typical museum exhibition, this venture’s vision was different. According to Schatzberg, it was about telling the story of Brooklyn’s finest within one of its grand public establishments, simultaneously enhancing the inherent ethos of a public library, rooted in universal accessibility.

The challenge lay in the structure of the library, which did not inherently lend itself to sequential exhibitions. Thus, the GIA team devised a scheme that did not mandate a chronological experience. Thematic chapters, viewed in any sequence, were created, ensuring the library context was continually reflected.

Careful attention was paid to different library sections and their corresponding audiences. The team strived to communicate Jay-Z’s philanthropic efforts and public leadership to young minds, reflecting on how the story could resonate with them.

Journey into the creation of the phenomenal Jay-Z Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library, a collaborative masterpiece symbolizing the rapper’s indomitable spirit.

Mastering the Art of Complex Engineering

A striking element of the library’s structure, an open book-like facade with the doors mimicking a spine, sparked an idea to showcase Jay-Z’s lyrics on it. Bringing such concepts to life required complex engineering and construction prowess, a task mastered by Tribe Inc.

A labyrinth of challenges awaited the team: bringing exhibits into the library with its tight doors and small elevators, all while preserving the integrity of the age-old structure. Rodgers mentioned the necessity of being respectful and cautious about the building’s weight capacity. The Tribe Inc. team deftly adapted their Super Bowl strategies, ensuring the successful realization of the project while keeping the library fully functional.

The Power of Surprise and Commemoration

Adding an element of surprise, the unveiling of Daniel Arsham’s Hov’s Hands (2023), a cast of Jay-Z’s arms and hands, left the audience and Jay-Z himself astounded. Desiree Perez, Roc Nation’s CEO, humorously shared how they tricked Jay-Z into getting his hands scanned, under the pretext of designing a unique jewelry piece.

The exhibition was a walk down memory lane for Jay-Z, displaying familiar objects like film reels, cassette tapes, festival passes, and platinum records. Perez expressed her excitement about sharing this part of Jay-Z’s journey, meticulously archiving his career’s evolution, with the world.

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