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Best Poet Interviews 

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Verse writers have the capability to have an effect on the world, one word at a time!

If you’re interested in finding out more about some of the most famous poets, then this article will be a great read for you.

If you are passionate about poetry, then set aside some free time to watch these 9 interesting poet interviews on Youtube!

1. An Interview with Rupi Kaur

A discussion was held with the renowned poet, Rupi Kaur, to gain insight into her writing process and her thoughts on the state of the art.

If you can spare 47 minutes, I suggest viewing this acclaimed Rupi Kaur interview. The widely acclaimed modern poet converses with Emma Watson, giving us a look into the life of an artist.

Emma Watson’s conversation technique facilitated a comfortable atmosphere for Kaur to converse in. It was evident that the two were fond of each other and had admiration for each other.

During the conversation, one will gain an understanding of Kaur’s writing style, her progress as a poet, and her adaptation as a poet in the age of social media.

Kaur commented that she values her readers’ point of view, yet she also works to stay true to herself and express her feelings without being swayed by outside forces.

Kaur reflects on her growth as an artist, and her presentation of herself as a poet, illustrator, writer, and artistic figure.

This interview will be a treat for those who admire Kaur or who are fond of poetry. Though it might not be exceptionally exciting, it is still both entertaining and informative.

2. An Interview with John Ashbery

An in-depth discussion was held with John Ashbery in which he discussed his works and ideas.

John Ashbery, a poet highly respected in the United States, was asked 10 queries in this brief interview, covering his life, his poetic career, and his accomplishments.

In the interview, Ashbery appears to be quite humble and modest despite the interviewer’s somewhat blunt line of inquiry, particularly when it comes to discussing his accomplishments.

Whether they are an amateur or professional, poets will relish the opportunity to spend some time with the renowned Ashbery and the interviewer.

Though the piece is brief, one can still gain an understanding of Ashbery’s modus operandi and his opinion on the art of poetry.

It’s an excellent timepiece to check out during quick pauses, especially if one is searching for motivation from one of the most renowned people in the field.

3. An Interview with Leonard Cohen

A discussion was held with the renowned singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen to gain insight into his career and life.

Leonard Cohen has been widely acknowledged as one of the most esteemed poets of the modern era, and this 1966 interview exposes how deeply devoted he was to his poetry.

The brief interview gives us a rapid insight into Cohen’s mindset and his fundamental motivation behind his work.

In this classic interview, Cohen was at the top of his poetic game, just before he rocketed to fame with his music.

Evident from his statements, Cohen had a singular, resolute attitude to his poem and was intent on generating works with an immediate effect.

Adrienne Clarkson, the interviewer, excels in posing pertinent queries and granting Cohen sufficient opportunity to express himself thoroughly.

It can be quite inspiring to engage in an interview that is more like a conversation than a traditional Q&A session. Highly recommended if you’re in search of some classic motivation.

4. An Interview with Maya Angelou

A discussion was held with Maya Angelou to gain insight into her views and experiences.

In this extended conversation, Oprah Winfrey has a discussion with the renowned Maya Angelou, which lasted 42 minutes.

Regardless of one’s poetic ability, Maya Angelous’ acumen is clear during the discussion which covers her upbringing, inspiration, adversities and, of course, her literary works.

Oprah has never been shy in expressing her admiration for Angelou, as she constantly cites her as a major source of motivation behind her success as a media figure.

Maya Angelou is known for her wise words, yet she also enjoys a good joke and will take advantage of the opportunity to make one when it arises.

If you are a poet in search of some of the same inspiration that Maya Angelou drew from, then this enlightening interview is sure to be of assistance.

As always, Oprah demonstrated her skill for conducting interviews by transforming it into a conversation. This dialogue between two successful individuals had the objective of providing insightful advice to the younger generation.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I suggest you take 40 minutes to view this incredible interview that will likely shift your thoughts about art and life.

An Interview with Eileen Myles:

A conversation about life and literature with the acclaimed poet and writer.

Eileen Myles, a widely regarded poet, has demonstrated through her works the importance of equity and being represented. If you have been exposed to her pieces before, you are familiar with this stance.

Myles is known for her forthright manner and bold character, which are both very useful when she addresses matters of importance to the LGBTQ community in her poetry.

In spite of the lack of information about her early life, the interview provides a window into what drives her writing and her outlook on her position as a ‘nonconformist’ poet.

Myles affirms that poetry and protesting are connected and that poets should be a key part of any demonstration.

Her focus is on being an activist and promoting transformation and acceptance, particularly in matters related to women’s rights.

The seven-minute interview is definitely worth watching as it offers amusement, knowledge, and more significantly, contemplation which defies the status quo.

An Interview With Sherman Alexie

In recent times, Sherman Alexie is acknowledged for his success as a Native American author and he sat down with Enrique Cerna to share stories about his early life and achievements.

You will be amazed by Alexie’s story, especially when you take into account the struggles he endured to reach his current state. This interview, which lasts for 26 minutes, will leave you in a state of awe.

At the young age of 14, Alexie left the reserves and encountered various hardships, including breakups and a feeling of not knowing who he was. Nevertheless, he knew that writing was his destiny after he came across the first American Indian poetry book.

The interviewing skills of Enrique Cerna are clearly displayed in the interview as he provides the poet and author with ample opportunity to express their thoughts. The questions asked are well-conceived, leading to a meaningful and informative conversation.

You can discover more about Alexie’s tribulations in his youth and his shift from poetry to novels and stories for young adults.

The award-winning Native American writer is evidently proud of his accomplishments and eager to have a lasting influence that will inspire children from minority backgrounds.

Despite not being speedy, the interview with Alexie still provides some amusement and is certain to leave you feeling encouraged and ready to tackle any struggles you may be dealing with.

An Interview with Seamus Heaney

In this conversation, the renowned poet Seamus Heaney was asked a series of questions that allowed us to gain insight into his thoughts and views.

No introduction is necessary for Seamus Heaney, for he is considered one of the most accomplished poets of the twentieth century. He has been acclaimed as one of Northern Ireland’s finest exports, particularly after he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995.

In this discussion, the celebrated poet and author imparted details about his journey and life as a writer. He also recounted his knowledge that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize.

This 40-minute intellectual interview about literature and creative arts is sure to be enjoyable if that is your thing.

The manner in which Hearney answers questions can be revealing of his personality. He carries himself with assurance and yet demonstrates a commendable amount of modesty in spite of his renown as one of the most acclaimed poets in the later part of the 20th century.

In his book ‘The Spirit Level’, he reveals the sources of his poetic inspirations.

Viewing this interview is essential for anyone who is passionate about poetry or is an admirer of Heany’s accomplishments.

8. An Interview with Margaret Atwood

A discussion was conducted with Margaret Atwood, a renowned author, in which she discussed her works and her creative process.

Margeret Atwood is always a source of entertainment. In this brief video, the well-known writer explains her distinctive writing approach, as well as illuminating her former pieces.

Atwood continues to discuss her explorations with her poetry and books as the interview goes on.

If you are feeling uninterested and would like something thrilling to make your break more stimulating, I suggest you watch this video.

Atwood’s views on criticism, her utilization of social media in her works, and her attitude towards pop culture are explored in this quick interview.

Atwood’s impressive background as a poet and author is combined with her remarkable insight into the modern world, producing an interview that is both interesting and entertaining due to her humorous nature. It is no wonder why so many people admire her.

9. Sarah Kay

The acclaimed poet Sarah Kay is well-known for her work. She is highly regarded for her creative and inspirational writing.

This 6-minute video gives viewers a chance to enter Sara Kay’s world through a Q&A format, presented from a poetic perspective.

At the event, the attendees have the privilege of inquiring about Sara’s ‘Project Voice’ and plans for the organization’s future. She also has the opportunity to address queries concerning poetry, spoken word, and motivation.

If you’re a budding poet or have an interest in learning more about Kay’s projects and how to develop your artistry, then this succinct Q&A session is worth watching.

A particularly noteworthy response to the question of how to become a poet came from Sara Kay. She advised that it is important to listen to other poets and spoken word artists to gain an understanding of the craft.

However, she suggested that it is not a good idea to only focus on the work of a single artist.

Combining different styles of poetry readings can help you develop a unique approach to performance.

For admirers of Sara Kay, this quick Q&A could be a great way of acquiring advantageous techniques that can aid in the growth of any poet or artist.

What Qualities Constitute A Skilled Poet?

There are a multitude of poets around the globe, so it can be difficult to determine what makes one truly exceptional.

Interviews with those in the poetry business suggest that in order for poets to be successful, they must have certain attributes. This makes for a difficult and highly competitive field.

If you are wishing to become a talented poet, these are the steps you should take.

Creating a Distinctive Verse Style of Your Own

It is well known that each poet has their own distinct approach to poetry that can be observed through their works.

It is important for artists to develop their own unique style when discussing the same social issues, so as to create a distinct ‘poetic voice.’

It is essential to cultivate your own individual style of writing to ensure that you are effectively conveying your ideas and themes. No matter how much poetry you absorb, forming your own approach is key.

Probe Profoundly Into Your Themes

It may be attractive to discuss multiple topics in one piece, but honing in on a single subject will help you forge a more meaningful relationship with your audience.

Most of the widely known poets in history have covered a host of subjects in their works. The key is to stay with a particular topic until you are sure that you have completely explored it.

Gaining a solid foundation in one specific subject or style may be beneficial until one feels comfortable.

Being Genuine

Authenticity is all about being genuine and true to who you are. It is about embracing the unique qualities that make you, you. It is about being honest and true in your interactions with others.

It is important for a poet to be sincere and strive to be unique. Even though it may be attractive to imitate a teacher or adopt a popular technique, it is essential to stay loyal to yourself, your morals, and personal style.

Therefore, it is important to manage criticism and not allow it to overpower you. Pay attention to what your peers, mentors and listeners say, but never compromise your own poetic style or individuality.

What Is The Greatest Poetry of All Time?

When it comes to the greatest poet, it is often a matter of opinion. Such lauded bards as Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen, John Ashbery, and Seamus Heany are some of the most admired and respected writers of modern times.

Rupi Kaur and Sara Kay have established themselves as future legends, adding to the new-age of poets.



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