Felipe Pantone’s Casa Axis: The Artistic Hub of Tomorrow

Discover Casa Axis, Felipe Pantone’s ground-breaking space that is reviving artistic conversations, becoming a vibrant hub for artists worldwide.

Casa Axis, once a 'space-age' structure, has been transformed into an innovative artistic hub by globally recognized artist Felipe Pantone.
The artist residency program at Casa Axis aims to bring together artists from diverse disciplines, encouraging collaboration and fostering artistic dialogue.
The studio is surrounded by a 7,000 square-meter garden, with plans to create a sculpture park within the space by early spring 2024.

Casa Axis: Felipe Pantone’s Space-Age Studio Breathing New Life into Art Collaboration

A once futuristic structure from the 1970s, Casa Axis, located just outside Valencia, Spain, has been transformed into an innovative artistic hub by globally recognized artist Felipe Pantone. Now ready to welcome an influx of creative minds, this space is set to redefine artistic interactions, encouraging a fusion of various art disciplines and stimulating vibrant conversations among artists.

This remarkable studio was initially designed as a futuristic ‘space age’ construction by architect Antonio Segura and Pascual Genovés architecture studio in 1975. Casa Axis is home to a wealth of design elements characteristic of its era, making it a unique fusion of history and modernity.

Casa Axis as an Artist Residency Program

Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone envisages Casa Axis to be much more than just his personal workspace. He aims to turn this space into a vibrant hub, enabling artists from across disciplines to engage in creative discourse and collaboration. Through its artist residency program, Casa Axis will unite both established artists and upcoming talent, facilitating an artistic exchange that transcends boundaries.

Felipe Pantone’s private collection finds a home here, providing visitors with an up-close look at his most remarkable creations. This gives them a unique chance to delve into the world that fuels his creativity, providing a firsthand look at the influences shaping his artistry.

Over the years, Casa Axis has been celebrated within the creative world, serving as a backdrop for ad campaigns, TV series like Black Mirror (2023), and movies such as Llenos de Gracia (2022) and El Sustituto (2021). The house has also seen collaborations with acclaimed brands like Bottega Veneta, Mercedes-Benz, Puma, and Palomo Spain.

Casa Axis: A Fusion of Sensory Experiences

Inside Casa Axis, a unique disco-themed listening room from the 1970s, designed by the Valencian company Admire Audio, remains intact. This space, with its high-end analog Hi-Fi sound system, is set to host memorable musical soirees, offering guests unique sensory experiences.

Complementing this auditory feast, lighting designer Benoit Lalloz from France has carefully orchestrated the studio’s illumination. Known for his mastery in merging art, design, science, and technology, Lalloz has previously contributed to museums and globally recognized brand stores like Acne Studio and Balenciaga.

The Outdoor Art Space

Surrounding Casa Axis is a sprawling 7,000 square-meter garden, aesthetically curated to augment the new studio space. Architect Marina Victoria and Felipe Pantone, along with a dedicated multidisciplinary team, have realized this dream space.

Beyond just a garden, Pantone envisions a sculpture park within this open space, giving visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in outdoor art amidst a natural setting. This future project, spearheaded by Valencia-based AT4 construction company, is already in progress, with completion expected by early spring 2024.

In Pantone’s words, “Casa Axis, my most ambitious project to date, aims to be a creative haven. I want to support a thriving community of artists, passionate about pushing boundaries and sparking artistic dialogue.”

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