Angelina Jolie Revitalizes Basquiat’s Old NYC Studio with New Fashion Atelier

Angelina Jolie embarks on a new journey in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s former New York City studio, transforming it into a vibrant fashion atelier.

Actress Angelina Jolie is opening a new atelier in the historic NYC building, once the home and studio of Neoexpressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Preserving the graffiti and street art that graces the building’s façade, Jolie's initiative honors Basquiat's history as a graffiti artist.
Jolie's upcoming fashion line, Atelier Jolie, will utilize existing high-quality vintage materials and deadstock fabric, providing a sustainable fashion alternative.

Angelina Jolie Brings New Life to Basquiat’s Former NYC Studio

Hollywood luminary Angelina Jolie is on a mission to infuse new life into the historical building in Manhattan’s NoHo neighborhood, once the home and studio of the iconic Neoexpressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jolie, famed for her on-screen performances and commendable humanitarian work, plans to introduce an innovative atelier in this landmark three-story building, Artnews reports.

A Fresh Chapter for the Historical Building

Securing an eight-year lease for the 6,600-square-foot space at 57 Great Jones Street, Jolie collaborates with Meridian Capital Group, solidifying her commitment to this exciting new venture. While the specifics of this agreement remain under wraps, initial property listings suggested a monthly rent of $60,000 and a minimum ten-year lease.

Steeped in history and tales of creativity, this building served as Basquiat’s live-in studio during his last five years. The Neoexpressionist maestro was just twenty-seven when he tragically passed away in 1988 due to an accidental heroin overdose. Back in 1983, Basquiat had rented the second floor from then-owner Andy Warhol, establishing a deep connection with the art world.

This structure, dating back to the 1860s, boasts a rich history, having once been the notorious Brighton Athletic Club’s home, initiated by the infamous gangster Paul Kelly. More recently, it was the location for the exclusive Japanese restaurant Bohemian.

A Nod to the Past and a Leap Towards the Future

Honoring Basquiat’s legacy, Jolie intends to preserve the graffiti and street art adorning the building’s façade, as per Meridian agents John Roesch and Garrett Kelly. This gesture is a tribute to Basquiat’s early graffiti artist roots, when he and Al Diaz, as duo SAMO, marked buildings across NYC in the late 1970s.

Brimming with anticipation, fans are eager for the debut of “Atelier Jolie,” the actress’s fashion line announced in May. The fashion initiative will repurpose “high-quality vintage material and deadstock fabric already available,” merging sustainability with style. This creative endeavor promises garments crafted by “a skilled and diverse family of expert tailors, pattern makers, and artisans from around the world,” set to launch this autumn.

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