Aquaman 2’s Rollercoaster: Inside Drama, Cut Scenes & Tense Set

Dive into the turbulent waters of the ‘Aquaman 2’ set. From Jason Momoa’s rumored antics to Amber Heard’s dwindling scenes, and even Elon Musk’s intervention.

Jason Momoa accused of unprofessional behavior on set, though insiders refute the claims.
Amber Heard's role is reduced amid legal battles; Elon Musk steps in.
Despite off-screen drama, 'Aquaman 2' could still be a box office hit.

Aquaman 2: A Deep Dive Into the Behind-the-Scenes Drama

As the anticipation for Warner Bros.‘ new $215 million blockbuster, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ reaches new heights, a series of controversies are causing ripples behind the scenes. On the very day the trailer dropped, confidential documents from the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation case made their way onto Reddit, stirring up a storm for the studio.

Fans of Johnny Depp took it upon themselves to fund the release of notes from Amber Heard’s therapy sessions. What they unveiled paints a tense picture of the film set. According to these notes, Jason Momoa was allegedly intoxicated and even mimicked Johnny Depp in attire and demeanor. He’s said to have pushed for Amber Heard to be removed from her role as Mera.

While a representative for Momoa kept mum, a DC spokesperson jumped to his defense, praising his professionalism on set. Insiders also refute claims of Momoa’s alleged unprofessional behavior, insisting that the co-stars share a jovial relationship.

Amber Heard Almost Axed, but Saved by an Elon Musk Letter

But wait, there’s more. Amber Heard was nearly kicked off the sequel. Why? Apparently, she didn’t have enough chemistry with Momoa. But before she could be shown the door, tech mogul Elon Musk stepped in. Musk’s lawyers sent a “you better not” letter to Warner Bros. And guess what? It worked. Heard stays in the movie.

The Uncertain Future of ‘Aquaman 2’

Despite all these hurdles, ‘Aquaman 2’ still holds promise, especially considering the smashing success of its predecessor. Early signs indicate a strong audience interest, potentially securing its position as another blockbuster hit.

Yet, challenges persist. Reshoots and edits have been a constant, and insiders describe the film as an ‘echo of regimes,’ reflecting Warner Bros.’ internal shifts. What’s more, the studio’s recent performance with titles like ‘The Flash’ and ‘Blue Beetle’ has been less than stellar, casting a shadow over ‘Aquaman 2.’

Even if the film doesn’t drown in its own controversies, it’s sailing through treacherous waters. Only time will tell if ‘Aquaman 2’ can rise from the depths and make waves at the box office.

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