Insightful Takeaways from Prince Harry’s “Spare”

Explore key takeaways from Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” including personal revelations, family dynamics, and his stance on the media.

Harry shares his admiration for his grandparents, recounts his wild teenage years, and opens up about his time in the army.
The creation of "Spare" involved in-depth discussions and some disagreements, highlighting the complexity of telling Harry's personal story.
Harry's struggle with the British media and his personal growth journey, influenced significantly by Meghan Markle, are central themes.

Key Insights from Prince Harry’s Memoir, ‘Spare’

Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” delves into his personal experiences, offering a candid look at his life within and outside the royal family. Here are some of the significant points covered in the book:

  1. Admiration for Grandparents: Prince Harry expresses great admiration for his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, noting their passions and Queen Elizabeth’s humorous side. His relationship with the Queen was filled with inside jokes and a shared wicked sense of humor, highlighted by her participation in a promotional video for the Invictus Games​.
  2. Wild Teenage Years: Harry’s teenage and young adult years matched the media’s portrayal to some extent. He openly discusses his experiences with drugs, including cocaine, cannabis, and magic mushrooms, and the circumstances of losing his virginity at 17​.
  3. Army Revelations: Serving in the British Army and participating in combat in Afghanistan, Harry reveals he killed 25 Taliban militants during his second tour. His comments sparked criticism from veterans and increased security concerns for him​.
  4. A Regular Guy: Despite his royal status, Harry enjoys simple pleasures like eating fast food and watching “Friends.” He even shared a moment indulging in psychedelic mushrooms at Courteney Cox’s home​.
  5. The Real Villain: Harry’s memoir points the finger at the British media and certain royal insiders for contributing to his and Meghan’s suffering. His frustration with the media’s portrayal and invasion of privacy is a recurring theme​.
  6. Personal Journey: Meghan Markle is credited with significantly changing Harry’s perspective on life and himself. He reflects on his past actions, including wearing a Nazi uniform to a party, and acknowledges his growth in understanding unconscious bias​.
  7. Behind-the-Scenes with Ghostwriter JR Moehringer: The memoir’s creation involved deep conversations and a few disagreements between Harry and Moehringer, revealing the complexities of telling such a personal story. Moehringer’s own experiences with the press after the book’s release echoed Harry’s struggles with media intrusion​​.
  8. Challenging Family Relationships: The memoir does not foresee an imminent repair in royal family relations. Despite a desire for reconciliation, Harry emphasizes the need for accountability first​.

Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” offers a comprehensive look into his life, from his relationships with his family members to his personal struggles and revelations. The book goes beyond the headlines, providing a nuanced portrait of a man seeking to reconcile his public persona with his private self. Through his story, Harry aims to shed light on the pressures of royal life, the impact of the media, and the journey towards personal understanding and healing.

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