Marvel’s Stormbreakers Journey: 6 decades of X-Men Saga

Marvel’s talented Stormbreakers, their cadre of dynamic artists, have honed their talents to bring these memorable moments back to life, as part of the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Avengers and the X-Men.

Marvel is celebrating the 60th anniversary of both the Avengers and the X-Men with new variant covers.
In July, the focus will shift to the X-Men, with the introduction of eight spectacular covers, each featuring a significant moment from the X-Men's history.
The covers are created by Marvel's Stormbreakers, a group of highly talented artists.
This project continues the legacy of the Marvel's Young Guns program, which aims to promote powerful artists in the comic book industry.
The variant covers will be available for purchase at your local comic shop in June and July.

60 Years of Marvel’s Icons: Avengers and X-Men

In a momentous occasion for comic book enthusiasts worldwide, Marvel celebrates the 60th anniversary of two of its iconic superhero teams – the Avengers and the X-Men.

A whole generation of fans has grown up with these beloved characters, embracing their triumphs, mourning their defeats, and immersing themselves in their legendary sagas.

In acknowledgment of this, Marvel is gearing up for grand celebrations in the year 2023.

As a key highlight of these festivities, Marvel plans to introduce a series of stunning new variant covers for their hottest titles in June and July.

Stormbreakers: The Powerhouses behind the Art

The creative minds responsible for these upcoming variant covers are none other than Marvel’s Stormbreakers.

This esteemed group comprises of some of the most talented artists in the industry, including Elena Casagrande, Nic Klein, Jan Bazaldua, Chris Allen, Martin Coccolo, Lucas Werneck, Federico Vicentini, and C.F. Villa.

With their individualistic artistic styles and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, the Stormbreakers have consistently proven their mettle.

These artists’ collective efforts serve as a testament to their creative potential and their unwavering passion for the world of comic books.

Marvel’s talented Stormbreakers, their cadre of dynamic artists, have honed their talents to bring these memorable moments back to life, as part of the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Avengers and the X-Men.

A Walk Through Memory Lane: Classic X-Men Moments Revived

As part of the upcoming celebrations, the Stormbreakers have meticulously designed a total of eight variant covers that pay homage to the X-Men’s rich history.

Each of these covers is a lovingly crafted rendition of a key moment from the X-Men saga, promising to transport fans back to the memorable time periods they have grown to cherish.

Key scenes recreated include Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost’s unforgettable debut, the epic moment when Rogue joined the X-Men, the dramatic rise of the Sentinels, and several others.

In this way, the variant covers serve as a beautiful tribute to the legacy of the X-Men, as they chart their course into the next chapter of their enduring saga.

Where to Get Your Hands on these Variant Covers

The much-anticipated variant covers will be up for grabs at local comic shops starting from June.

Fans can look forward to adding these limited edition covers to their collections, and in doing so, join in the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of their favorite superheroes.

Alternatively, fans who prefer digital formats can redeem and read their digital copies on the Marvel Unlimited app by using the code found in their print comic.

Further information about the availability of these variant covers can be found at

To sum up, this year, Marvel invites all fans to partake in the festivities marking 60 years of the Avengers and the X-Men.

The unveiling of the new variant covers offers a unique opportunity to relive iconic moments from the X-Men history, reimagined by the gifted artists of the Stormbreakers.

Whether you are an avid collector or a digital reader, these covers are a must-have for all Marvel fans and serve as a testament to six decades of awe-inspiring storytelling.

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