2024 Concert Tours Guide: Dates, Artists, and Genres

Discover the most anticipated concert tours of 2024. Explore a month-by-month guide featuring dates, artists, and genres. From rock legends to pop icons, get ready for a musical journey!

2024's concert tours feature a mix of pop, rock, metal, and hip-hop, catering to all music tastes.
The lineup includes iconic bands like Queen and Madonna, as well as contemporary artists like Post Malone and Blink-182.
With concerts spanning several months, these tours offer fans numerous opportunities to catch their favorite artists live.

2024’s Exciting Concert Tours

As of 2024, the concert scene is brimming with excitement, featuring a diverse array of artists and bands embarking on tours, offering fans a multitude of live music concerts. The year’s concert calendar showcases a mix of genres, from pop and rock to metal and hip-hop, ensuring that there’s something for every music enthusiast. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the 2024 concert tours, sorted by months, detailing the artists, their music genres, and the number of concerts they have lined up.

January to April 2024

  • Usher (Soul/R&B): 1 concert on February 11.
  • Backstreet Boys (Pop/Soft Rock): 1 concert on February 3.
  • The Who (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 2 concerts up to March 20.
  • The Pink Floyd Experience (Pop/Soft Rock): 2 concerts up to April 13.
  • Michael Bublé (Pop/Soft Rock): 4 concerts up to April 20.
  • Madonna (Pop/Soft Rock): 50 concerts up to April 26.
  • Wiz Khalifa (Rap/Hip-Hop): 6 concerts up to April 26.
  • The Beach Boys (Pop/Soft Rock): 4 concerts up to April 26.

May to August 2024

  • Post Malone (Rap/Hip-Hop): 4 concerts up to May 3.
  • James Taylor (Pop/Soft Rock): 14 concerts up to May 5.
  • Disturbed (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 29 concerts up to May 16.
  • Carlos Santana (Pop/Soft Rock): 17 concerts up to May 23.
  • Bryan Adams (Pop/Soft Rock): 50 concerts up to June 23.
  • Avenged Sevenfold (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 20 concerts up to June 29.
  • Tim McGraw (Country/Folk): 50 concerts up to June 29.
  • Yes (Progressive Rock): 12 concerts up to June 15.
  • Tool (Alternative Rock/Indie): 36 concerts up to June 26.
  • Willie Nelson (Country/Folk): 17 concerts up to July 27.
  • Nickelback (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 19 concerts up to July 18.
  • Alice Cooper (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 13 concerts up to July 12.
  • Judas Priest (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 51 concerts up to July 10.
  • Bring Me The Horizon (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 23 concerts up to July 10.
  • Blink-182 (Punk/Garage Rock): 67 concerts up to August 30.
  • Korn (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 10 concerts up to August 19.
  • Styx (Pop Music/Soft Rock): 64 concerts up to August 28.

September to December 2024

  • Five Finger Death Punch (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 25 concerts up to September 1.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 42 concerts up to September 22.
  • ZZ Top (Pop Music/Soft Rock): 49 concerts up to September 22.
  • Foreigner (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 71 concerts up to November 9.
  • Evanescence (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal): 4 concerts up to December 6.

This selection represents just a fraction of the diverse and exciting lineup of concerts scheduled for 2024. Each artist and band brings their unique style and energy to stages across the world, promising memorable performances for their fans. From legendary bands to contemporary chart-toppers, the 2024 concert tours are set to be a thrilling experience for music lovers of all tastes.

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