Jung Kook Reveals Insights on Solo Album ‘Golden’ to Fans

Dive into Jung Kook’s journey creating his ‘Golden’ solo album, the ARMY’s anticipated favorite track, and his growth as a solo artist.

Jung Kook shares insights from his solo album 'Golden' and the unique experience of creating music on his own.
Fans of BTS, known as ARMY, are expected to favor the track "Standing Next to You" from Jung Kook's album.
'Golden' marks a milestone for Jung Kook as he steps out as a solo artist while BTS members fulfill military service duties.

Jung Kook Reveals His Solo Journey and the ARMY’s Favorite Track

The world of music shines a little brighter as Jung Kook, a member of the global sensation BTS, shares his thoughts on his new solo venture with the album titled ‘Golden’. In a heartfelt conversation with British GQ, the 26-year-old South Korean artist opens up about the bittersweet experience of making music independently, away from his BTS bandmates, and teases which track will capture the hearts of the ARMY — BTS’ dedicated fanbase.

A Solo Path to ‘Golden’ Discoveries

In the absence of his fellow BTS members, Jung Kook embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Crafting ‘Golden’ by himself, he recognized his strengths and areas for improvement. “I noticed things about myself that I was unaware of — the good points and the areas I’m lacking in,” he admits. Despite the challenges, he missed his team, a sentiment that many can relate to when stepping out of their comfort zones.

The ARMY’s New Anthem: “Standing Next to You”

Among the 11 tracks on ‘Golden’, Jung Kook believes “Standing Next to You” will resonate deeply with the ARMY. He describes the recording process as exhausting yet exhilarating, a testament to his dedication to his art. This track, he predicts, will leave a lasting impression on the fans.

Mature Themes and Artistic Growth

Jung Kook also touches on the mature content in his new work, exemplified in his collaboration with Latto titled “Seven”. He explains his approach to music as guided by emotion and intuition, leading to a more mature sound. “By following my heart and my feelings, I think I have been able to mature,” he reflects.

As BTS takes a hiatus for mandatory military service, with members Suga, Jin, and J-Hope already enlisted, Jung Kook’s ‘Golden’ represents a new chapter for him as a solo artist. With previous hits like “Euphoria” and collaborations such as “Left and Right” with Charlie Puth, Jung Kook’s journey is far from over, and ‘Golden’ is just the next step in his illustrious career.

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