Oil Pastel-Style Tattoos: The Latest Trend in 2024

This article follows the History of Tattoos and the Legacy of Apo Whang-Od.

Explore the rising trend of oil pastel-style tattoos in 2024. Discover this unique art form’s inspiration, process, and cultural significance that blends traditional painting with modern tattoo techniques.

Oil pastel-style tattoos represent a unique blend of traditional painting and modern tattooing, offering a nostalgic and artistic alternative to conventional designs.
Influenced by renowned artists like Matisse, Monet, and Kim Hwan-ki, these tattoos feature hand-drawn, simple floral forms with a focus on natural beauty.
Starting with oil pastel drawings, the designs are transferred to the skin, ensuring each tattoo is a bespoke piece of art reflecting personal history and connections.

Oil Pastel-Style Tattoos: The Artistic Trend Reshaping Body Ink in 2024

Oil pastel-style tattoos are the latest trend in the art world, offering a unique and artistic approach to body art. These tattoos mimic the look of oil pastel drawings, providing a painterly and vibrant appearance. This style stands out for its distinctiveness from traditional tattoo styles, ranging from hand-poked stippled tattoos to emojis and medieval designs​.

Emergence of Oil Pastel-Style Tattoos

Dareum Tattoo, an artist in this field, has pioneered this unique style, which stands out in the diverse tattoo market. This style merges traditional painting with tattoo art, offering a nostalgic and playful alternative to conventional tattoo designs. Dareum’s approach starts with oil pastel drawings on paper, transforming these into tattoos that resemble painterly, Crayola crayon-esque designs​.

The Inspiration Behind the Style

The inspiration for oil pastel tattoos stems from various influences. Artists like Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, and Korean artist Kim Hwan-ki have significantly influenced Dareum Tattoo’s style. These tattoos are characterized by their hand-drawn nature, focusing on simple forms like roses, water lilies, and daisies. This approach is a response to the prevalent digital designs in the tattoo world, offering a more personal and handcrafted alternative​​.

The Process

The process involves initial drawings using pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and oil pastels, which are later transferred to the client’s skin. This method ensures a unique and customized tattoo for each client. Dareum Tattoo emphasizes drawing from nature, capturing the essence of various flowers in their true form​.

Cultural and Artistic Significance

Oil pastel-style tattoos represent a blend of traditional artistry and contemporary tattoo culture. They offer a way to preserve personal history and emotional connections through art. This style is particularly appealing for its nostalgic value and the ability to evoke memories and emotions, resonating with people’s desire for meaningful and personalized body art​​.

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