Renowned Street Artist, My Dog Sighs, Takes the Helm for Big Issue Art Edition

Experience a unique blend of street art and purpose in a special edition of The Big Issue, featuring exclusive designs and content from acclaimed street artist, My Dog Sighs.

Celebrated street artist My Dog Sighs designs and guest edits a special art-themed edition of The Big Issue, with the cover artwork titled 'Reclaiming the Lost'.
An exclusive exhibition at Jealous Gallery will feature some of My Dog Sighs' works, along with limited-edition prints for sale, with proceeds going towards The Big Issue.
The special edition delves into the transformative power of art, with a focus on how art can 'reclaim the lost' – from neglected neighborhoods to overlooked individuals.

Big Issue: A Special Edition Transformed by Street Artist My Dog Sighs

Set your eyes on the town this week as an exceptional edition of The Big Issue hits the stands. This unique version has a distinctive flavor, thanks to the exclusive cover design and guest editing by the globally admired street artist, My Dog Sighs. The cover artwork, titled ‘Reclaiming the Lost,’ features one of My Dog Sighs’ iconic reflective glassy eyes and perfectly captures the theme of the special edition.

The Purpose Behind the Art: Reclaiming the Lost

Beyond his creative touch on the cover, My Dog Sighs also curated a series of thought-provoking articles that delve into the transformative power of art. Whether it’s breathing new life into neglected neighborhoods or discarded objects, this edition explores how art can be a beacon of reclamation.

By mid-week, an exclusive exhibition will be on display at Jealous Gallery, showcasing some of My Dog Sighs’ spectacular works. To further elevate this collaboration, a limited-edition print will be up for sale, with the proceeds channelled towards The Big Issue’s impactful work.

In Conversation with My Dog Sighs: The Inspiration Behind the Collaboration

Delighted about his partnership with The Big Issue, My Dog Sighs revealed his creative process and the parallels he saw between his artistic pursuits and the ethos of The Big Issue – a commitment to aiding those who are struggling to find their way in life.

In the art edition, he has carefully chosen features that highlight other creatives – artists, thinkers, explorers, musicians – and their inspiring projects, all of which are turning the forgotten and overlooked into something meaningful and valuable.

His contribution also extends to a new series of artworks, created for the Big Issue, featuring unidentified individuals, half of whom are Big Issue sellers, reflected in his iconic style. Through these pieces, he emphasizes the importance of unity and support, regardless of our circumstances, and the crucial role of organizations like The Big Issue.

Making Every Edition a Masterpiece: A Word from The Big Issue’s Deputy Editor

Steven MacKenzie, Deputy Editor of The Big Issue, expressed his admiration for the artistic special edition. According to him, the value of art lies in its ability to refresh our perspective on the familiar, reconcile us with our past, illuminate our present, and guide us towards a brighter future.

The special edition prints, priced at £495, will be available at Jealous Gallery, with the entirety of profits directed towards The Big Issue. As a bonus, the exhibition ‘Reclaiming the Lost’ at Jealous Gallery, featuring works by artists from the special edition, will also donate a percentage of the proceeds to The Big Issue.

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