Studio Varey Architects Revamps Victorian Notting Hill Home with a Modern Twist

Discover how Studio Vary Architects breathed new life into a Victorian terraced house in Notting Hill, prioritizing natural light and modern amenities.

London's Studio Varey Architects turns a Victorian terraced house in Notting Hill into a sanctuary of natural light, thanks to clever renovations and timber-framed skylights.
Initial plans for ground-floor renovation evolved into a major structural overhaul, offering the owners an opportunity to reimagine their long-owned home.
The renovation includes the addition of oak beams, underfloor heating, and polished concrete, blending aesthetics and functionality in an open-plan design.

Studio Varey Architects Makes Light the Star in Notting Hill Home Revamp

In a quiet corner of the Westbourne Conservation Area sits Huron House, a Victorian terrace home that has seen better days—or so you would think until you walked inside. The owners, who have called this property home for a quarter of a century, recently collaborated with Studio Varey Architects to create something that’s nothing short of a residential marvel. In a city known for its grey skies, this London architecture firm has devised ingenious ways to flood this period property with sun-kissed brilliance.

From Simple Renovation to Grand Transformation

The story started innocently enough. The homeowners wanted a simple ground-floor makeover, with a focus on connecting the kitchen to the garden. However, preliminary inspections revealed underlying structural woes that required substantial improvements. Rather than being discouraged, the owners viewed this as a golden opportunity to revitalize their home entirely.

“We wanted to change this from a house with aging bones into a light-filled sanctuary that could host social gatherings and be a space of warmth for the family,” Studio Varey Architects told us in an exclusive interview.

Discover how Studio Vary Architects breathed new life into a Victorian terraced house in Notting Hill, prioritizing natural light and modern amenities.

An Architectural Love Letter to Natural Light

One of the striking features of Huron House is how it capitalizes on its east-west axis. This allows sunlight to flow from the rear of the house in the morning to the front by afternoon, illuminating the home in a glorious, ever-changing spectacle of light and shadow.

“We were inspired to make architecture a conduit for this natural light. It wasn’t just about windows; it was about turning the entire house into a canvas that played with the sun,” said the architects. They pulled this off by doing away with structural elements that limited light, such as the removal of a post on the ground floor that segmented the back wall.

Design Innovations that Wow and Welcome

An existing skylight in the kitchen area was not just preserved but amplified. Oak beams now frame this enlarged window to the sky, adding both structural strength and aesthetic beauty. The ground floor is also transformed by the addition of slimline aluminum sliding doors along the back wall, which let in even more light.

“It’s like living in a painting where the light changes throughout the day, creating different moods and settings,” the architects elaborated.

The renovation didn’t stop at the ground floor, though. A complete overhaul of the top-floor bathroom introduced a multi-faceted ceiling, using birch plywood to reflect and amplify light. This feature turned what was previously a rather dull space into a haven of brightness and warmth.

“We changed the angles and played with materials like birch plywood and Tadelakt walls to make the most of the natural light that was available,” the firm added.

The Craftsmanship of Simplicity

White oak is a consistent feature throughout the home, appearing in built-in joinery, bookcases, and even as feature beams in the new extension. “Our design philosophy is about simplicity. We aim to keep the material palette light and focused, highlighting the craftsmanship involved and creating a cohesive visual flow throughout the house,” explained the architects.

Polished concrete on the ground floor not only complements the overall design but is also practical. Equipped with underfloor heating, the surface is a godsend during the colder months and is easy to clean—a bonus for the dog-loving homeowners.

This transformation of Huron House by Studio Varey Architects is a testament to the transformative power of good design. While other homes in London may sport flashy, gimmick-laden renovations, Huron House stands as a tribute to the timeless beauty of natural light, melding the historic with the modern in a truly illuminating way.

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