Taylor Lautner Looks Forward to Swift’s Speak Now Re-Release

Taylor Lautner's support for Taylor Swift's re-recorded album: As Taylor Swift prepares to release her re-recorded album "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)," which includes songs that may reference her past relationship with Taylor Lautner, Lautner has expressed his anticipation and support for the album. He maintains a positive outlook and is unperturbed by the potential scrutiny that may come with the re-release.
Lautner's optimism and playful remarks: Despite being the inspiration for Swift's song "Back to December," Lautner remains optimistic about the album and its implications. He humorously mentioned his concern for John Mayer, another of Swift's former romantic interests who was referenced in the breakup song "Dear John."
Lautner's personal life and unique love story: Lautner's personal life with his wife, Taylor Dome, is highlighted. They share a unique love story that began when Dome, a registered nurse, didn't initially recognize Lautner's romantic interest. Introduced by Lautner's sister, their relationship has been built on unexpected beginnings.
"The Squeeze" podcast: Lautner and Dome promote their podcast, "The Squeeze," which provides a platform for guests to share personal stories. The couple's collaboration on the podcast is described as harmonious, with Dome handling most of the groundwork and Lautner adding star power.
Embracing normalcy and cherishing memories: The Lautners prioritize leading normal lives away from the spotlight. They recently revisited London, where their relationship took a significant turn, cherishing the memory of their early days together. Their grounded approach to life emphasizes the coexistence of fame and normalcy.


As Taylor Swift’s fans worldwide eagerly await the summer release of her re-recorded album, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”, an interesting dynamic is unfolding with Taylor Lautner, Swift’s former boyfriend.

Lautner, who was in the limelight during their dating period due to his “Twilight” fame, has expressed his supportive anticipation for the album that includes songs possibly referencing their relationship.

Revisiting the Past with a Sense of Optimism

During their relationship in 2009, Lautner was the inspiration for Swift’s poignant song “Back to December.” This romantic liaison, forever embedded in the song, will once again come into focus with the album’s re-release.

Despite the potential for renewed scrutiny, Lautner remains sanguine about the album and its implications.

His positive sentiment about “Speak Now” as a great album and his self-assured stance on being possibly referenced in previously unheard tracks display an optimistic outlook.

While Lautner seems unperturbed, he humorously highlighted his concern for John Mayer, another of Swift’s romantic interests from the same year.

Mayer’s relationship with Swift reportedly inspired the harsher breakup song “Dear John.” Mayer’s candid confession about feeling humiliated and undeserving of the negative portrayal makes Lautner’s playful statement of “praying for John” a striking remark.

Personal Life: A Unique Love Story

While Lautner’s past with Swift is being rekindled through the album’s anticipation, his personal life has been a heartwarming narrative.

Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome, whom he has been married to for six months, shares a unique love story with him.

Introduced by Lautner’s sister, Makena, Dome, a registered nurse with no particular interest in the celebrity world, initially did not recognize Lautner’s romantic interest in her. This unexpected beginning formed the foundation of their relationship.

Mayer’s relationship with Swift reportedly inspired the harsher breakup song “Dear John.” Mayer’s candid confession about feeling humiliated and undeserving of the negative portrayal makes Lautner’s playful statement of “praying for John” a striking remark.

The Squeeze: A Platform for Honest Conversations

Amid the buzz about Swift’s album, Lautner and Dome are actively promoting their podcast, “The Squeeze.”

The podcast is a passion project for the couple, providing a platform for guests to share personal stories in a safe and comfortable space.

The Lautners divide their roles harmoniously, making their collaboration a smooth and productive one.

Their complementary dynamic, with Dome handling most of the groundwork and Lautner adding the star power, has so far been a successful formula for their podcast.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Revisiting London

The couple’s recent trip to London has been a nostalgic journey. Early in their relationship, Lautner invited Dome to join him in London, where he was filming a show.

Despite their brief acquaintance, Dome agreed to visit him, marking a crucial turning point in their romance.

This trip to London, which they recently revisited, encapsulates a cherished memory of their early days together.

Embracing Normalcy: Life Away from the Spotlight

The Lautners’ relationship has been characterized by a refreshing normality, a quality that Dome values greatly.

They lead what they describe as “normie” lives, a stark contrast to the typical glitzy Hollywood lifestyle.

Lautner, who confesses that his early fame caused him to miss out on some routine life experiences, appreciates Dome’s influence in bringing a sense of normalcy into his life.

The anticipation for Swift’s re-recorded album “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” continues to mount ahead of its July 7 release.

While Swift’s fans are excitedly counting down the days, the Lautners are relishing their unique love story, away from the limelight.

Their grounded approach to life underscores the fact that fame and normalcy can coexist harmoniously.


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